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From Dutch stom (unfermented, literally mute; dull). Compare French vin muet, German stummer Wein.



stum (countable and uncountable, plural stums)

  1. (obsolete) Unfermented grape juice; must.
    • Ben Jonson
      Let our wines, without mixture of stum, be all fine.
    • John Dryden
      And with thy stum ferment their fainting cause.
  2. (obsolete) Wine revived by new fermentation, resulting from the admixture of must.
    • 1664, Samuel Butler, Hudibras; with notes by T. R. Nash, Volume 1, published 1835, Part II, Canto 1, page 265:
      Drink ev'ry letter on't in stum,
      And make it brisk champaign become.[note 1]
    • 1859, The family manual and servants' guide, 9 edition:
      To each hogshead of genuine Bordeaux wine, there are four gallons of Benicarlo, half a gallon of stum wine, and a small quantity of Hermitage added, which mixture undergoes a slight fermentation, and is then exported under the name of claret.
    • 1987, André Bustanoby, The Wrath of Grapes: Drinking and the Church Divided, →ISBN, page 36:
      But stum wine was not intended for drinking.


stum (third-person singular simple present stums, present participle stumming, simple past and past participle stummed)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To ferment.
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To renew (wine etc.) by mixing must with it and raising a new fermentation.
    • Floyer
      We stum our wines to renew their spirits.
  3. (transitive, obsolete) To fume, as a cask of liquor, with burning sulphur.
    • 1789, “Cultivation of the Vine”, in Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, volume 1:
      Since I have taken this method with cyder, it has proved more like wine than common drink, but then I racked it off a second and a third time, as soon as it appeared fine, and then stummed the cask that received it the lasttime []


  1. ^ T. R. Nash disputed the sense, noting "Dr. Johnson, in his Dictionary, has quoted these lines to prove that stum may signify wine revived by a new fermentation, but, perhaps, it means no more than figuratively to say that the rememberance of the widow's charms could turn bad wine into good, foul muddy wine, into clear sparkling champaigne."




stum (neuter stumt, plural and definite singular attributive stumme)

  1. mute, not possessing the ability of speech
  2. temporarily unable to speak due to strong emotion
  3. not involving speech
    De så ikke min stumme bøn.
    They did not see my silent plea.




  1. 2nd person singular present indicative form of stumt
  2. 2nd person singular imperative form of stumt



  • (file)



  1. mute; unable to speak

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