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From Middle Dutch stom, from Old Dutch stum, from Proto-Germanic *stummaz. Cognate with German stumm, Old Saxon stum.



stom (comparative stommer, superlative stomst)

  1. mute, unable to speak, as medical condition or species-determined
    Synonyms: sprakeloos
  2. speechless; soundless, silent
    Synonyms: sprakeloos, stil
    stomme films
    silent movies
  3. wordless, non-verbal
    Synonyms: woordeloos, non-verbaal
    Spotprenten leveren vaak stomme kritiek.
    Cartoons often provide non-verbal criticism.
  4. mentally dulling, soul-killing
    Synonyms: afstompend, geestdodend
  5. stupid, dumb
    Synonyms: dom, dwaas, stompzinnig
  6. foolish, senseless, piteous
    Synonyms: dwaas
  7. in compounds essentially reinforcing the sense

Usage notes[edit]

The use of stom for ‘stupid’ is depreciated by the deaf community, since it is the proper word for ‘mute’ in the sense of people who cannot speak. It is, however, no less common usage, analogous to the use of dumb in English.


Inflection of stom
uninflected stom
inflected stomme
comparative stommer
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial stom stommer het stomst
het stomste
indefinite m./f. sing. stomme stommere stomste
n. sing. stom stommer stomste
plural stomme stommere stomste
definite stomme stommere stomste
partitive stoms stommers

Derived terms[edit]


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stom (uncountable stoms)

  1. weather