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Notice: JohnC5 will be traveling until about July 6th, and his internet access will be limited.

I received an undergraduate degree in Linguistics from Yale University and a post-baccalaureate degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University-Corvallis. I'm particularly interested expanding Wiktionary's etymological resources.

About me[edit]

Smileys that I wish were a thing
Smiley Name Definition
:V Awkward duck For awkward situations
:v Awkward duckling For cute but awkward situations
꭛⊰⊃ Laughing cat As a reaction to a LOLcat
Feel free to add more! (I will curate them)

Some subpages[edit]

JohnC5/Sandbox JohnC5/Sandbox1 JohnC5/Sandbox2
JohnC5/Sandbox3 JohnC5/Sandbox4 JohnC5/notice
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