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base +‎ -suffix

This template is used in the etymology section. Use

{{suffix|language code|root|suffix}}

where root is the root of the term and suffix is the suffix. For instance, a simple etymology of doing could be created with:


which evaluates to:

do +‎ -ing


You can provide a gloss for the two parts using the parameters gloss1= / t1=, gloss2= / t2=:


gives the output:

Einheit ‎(unity) +‎ -lich ‎(-ly)

Transliteration and script

For non-Latin scripts, use the tr1= and/or tr2= parameters to provide a transliteration if necessary:


gives the output:

учить ‎(učit', teach) +‎ -тель ‎(tel', -er)

Suppressing categorization

If you don't want the template to add the entry to:

[[Category:<Language> words suffixed with -<suffix>]]

use the parameter:


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