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prefix- +‎ -suffix

For use in the Etymology sections of words which consist of only a prefix and a suffix, or which were formed by simultaneous application of a prefix and a suffix to some other element(s).

This template essentially combines the functions of {{prefix}} and {{suffix}}. The first element is treated as a prefix, whereas the last element is treated as a suffix; an entry in which this template is transcluded will be added automatically to those affixes’ derivation categories.


For example, the derivation of neurogenic can be written:


Which generates:

neuro- +‎ -genic

In contrast, {{compound}} adds the entry in which it is used to categories of the form "[Language name] compounds". It is intended for true compounds where neither the first nor the second term are affixes.

Optional arguments[edit]

gloss1, gloss2, gloss3
t1, t2, t3
Glosses (alternative; the 't' stands for "translation")
tr1, tr2, tr3
Transliteration of word 1, word 2, word 3 respectively (for non-Latin scripts)
Script code. See Wiktionary:Scripts.
alt1, alt2, alt3
Alternate (display) text.
Suppresses categorization

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