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nine departments nine different divisions of climate nine districts nine fare-zones nine firefighters died when a roof collapsed nine gems nine giraffe subspecies nine grahas nine hells nine host countries nine hundred nine hundred and three nine inch nails nine lemma nine men's morris nine month siege nine most important angas of bhakti nine mountain nine mountains nine nights nine nights later nine numbers nine of diamonds nine people died nine planets nine public universities nine rarest elements nine realms of existence nine regions nine spheres nine stable isotopes nine steps nine symphonies nine tailed fox specter nine times platinum nine track half-inch tape nine tribes nine universities nine untitled demos nine wickets nine worlds nine yanas nine year old nine years nine years earlier nine years later nine zhou nine-banded armadillo nine-dart finish nine-dart finishes nine-dart leg nine-day journey nine-gun salute nine-hour day nine-man football nine-member city council nine-millimeter weapon nine-month recession nine-month siege nine-nine table nine-pin bowling nine-point cease-fire agreement nine-point center nine-point centre nine-point circle nine-point circles nine-pointed star nine-primaried oscines nine-rank system nine-spined stickleback nine-tailed demon fox nine-tailed fox nine-wicket victory nine-wicket win nine-year presidency ninefold division ninespine stickleback ninespot chimaera nineteen counties nineteen hijackers nineteen sixty-three nineteen terrorists nineteen years later nineteen-day sunrise-to-sunset fast nineteenth amendment nineteenth centuries nineteenth century nineteenth century evolutionists nineteenth century theater nineteenth century theatre nineteenth dynasty nineteenth earl nineteenth hole nineteenth largest nineteenth season nineteenth-century trusts nineteeth century nineties pop ninety days' pay ninety two ninety-day gunboats ninety-nine brothers ning nong ningen kokuho ningyō jōruri ninja animal summonings ninja looting ninja muffin ninja myths ninja robots ninja sword ninja training ninja weapons ninja women ninkyo eiga ninteenth century nintendo 64 ninth and final season ninth arrondissement ninth bestselling book ninth centuries ninth century ninth century BC ninth chord ninth chords ninth chromosome ninth cycle ninth day ninth district ninth edition ninth episode ninth film ninth floor restaurant ninth forts ninth grade ninth grader ninth hole ninth house cusp ninth incarnation ninth labor ninth labour ninth largest ninth largest territory ninth magnitude ninth metal ninth minstry ninth most populous ninth most populous city ninth most populous county ninth piano sonata ninth place ninth plan ninth planet ninth presidential elections ninth schedule ninth season ninth section of the first article ninth session ninth spot ninth storm ninth studio album ninth sura ninth symphony ninth tallest habitable structure ninth through fourteenth ninth tropical storm ninth variation ninth wave ninth-biggest metropolitan area in the country niobium bromide niobium carbide niobium diboride niobium monoxide niobium nitride niobium oxide niobium pentachloride niobium trichloride oxide niobocene dichloride nip and tuck nipa hut nipa palm nipah palm nipah palms nipah virus nipping and stopping nipple cactus nipple clamp nipple clamps nipple cripple nipple gong nipple neck virus nipple piercing nipple piercings nipple reconstruction nipple rings nipple shield nipple slips nipple wrench funereal song nirguni lavani nirvana fallacy nirvikalpa samadhi nisfi jahan nishad mp nisi or certiorari nisi prius nissen fundoplication nissen hut nissen huts nit nurse niter kibbeh nithing pole nitrate decomposition nitrate fertilizer nitrate film nitrate film stock nitrate ion nitrate motion picture film nitrate negative nitrate of mercury nitrate of potash nitrate of silver nitrate of soda nitrate ores nitrate pollution nitrate preparations nitrate print nitrate reductase nitrate reductase NAD(P)H nitrate reductase nitrate reductase nitrate reductase nitrate reduction nitrate test nitrating agents nitrenium ion nitrenium ions nitric acid nitric acids nitric ether nitric oxide nitric oxide nitric oxide dioxygenase nitric oxide donating nitric oxide reductase nitric oxide synthase nitric oxide synthesis nitric oxides nitric-oxide reductase nitric-oxide synthase nitricholine perchlorate nitridotriphosphorous hexafluoride nitrifying bacteria nitrile gloves nitrile hydratase nitrile rubber nitrilium ion nitriloacetic acid nitrilotriacetic acid nitrite inhalants nitrite ion nitrite of amyl nitrite oxidoreductase nitrite reductase nitrite reductase NAD(P)H nitrite reductase NO-forming nitrite test nitro blue tetrazolium chloride nitro boosts nitro carbo nitrate nitro compound nitro compounds nitro engine nitro functional group nitro functional groups nitro glycerin nitro glycerine nitro group nitro groups nitro hexyl amine nitro reductions nitro-paraffin salts nitroaldol reaction nitroalkane oxidase nitrocellulose gel nitrocellulose lacquer nitrocellulose lacquers nitrocellulose paper nitrofuran reductase nitrogen "fixing"

nitrogen adsorption techniques nitrogen asphyxiation nitrogen assimilation nitrogen balance nitrogen balance method nitrogen base nitrogen bridge nitrogen chloride nitrogen compounds nitrogen cycle nitrogen cycles nitrogen cycling nitrogen deficiency nitrogen depletion nitrogen deposition nitrogen dioxide nitrogen dioxide nitrogen dioxides nitrogen family nitrogen fertilizer nitrogen fertilizers nitrogen fixation nitrogen fixation process nitrogen fixers nitrogen fixing nitrogen fixing bacteria nitrogen gas nitrogen gases nitrogen group nitrogen heterocycle nitrogen ice nitrogen injection nitrogen inversion nitrogen laser nitrogen lasers nitrogen metabolism nitrogen monochloride nitrogen monohydride nitrogen monoxide nitrogen mustard nitrogen mustard gas nitrogen mustards nitrogen oxide nitrogen oxide nitrogen oxides nitrogen oxides nitrogen pentoxide nitrogen peroxide nitrogen phosphorus detector nitrogen pollution nitrogen runoff nitrogen saturation nitrogen source nitrogen tetrahydride nitrogen tetrahydride nitrogen tetroxide nitrogen translocation nitrogen tri-iodide nitrogen tribromide nitrogen trichloride nitrogen trifluoride nitrogen trifluoride oxide nitrogen triiodide nitrogen trioxide nitrogen washout nitrogen-containing sugars nitrogen-fixing bacteria nitrogenous base nitrogenous bases nitrogenous organic molecules nitroglycerin tablets nitronium ion nitronium ions nitronium tetrafluoroborate nitroquinoline-N-oxide reductase nitroso compound nitroso compounds nitrosobenzene dimer nitrosodisulfonic acid nitrosonium fluoroborate nitrosonium tetrafluoroborate nitrosyl bromide nitrosyl chloride nitrosyl cyanide nitrosyl fluoride nitrosyl fluoroborate nitrosyl hydride nitrosyl iodide nitrosylsulfuric acid nitrous acid nitrous oxide nitrous salts nitrous-oxide reductase nitroxide-mediated polymerization nitryl chloride nitryl fluoride niu nai niveK oGre nix alba nixie tube nixie tubes nixylic acid niyabinghi chants niyati - spatial limitation niyato sambodhiparayano nizam-i jedid nizamuddin dargah no "self" no absolute right or wrong no angle can be trisected no audible release no author no award no ball no balled no balling no balls no biz is like. no borders no brain no budget no budget film no call, no show no car tax no carved images no champion no child left behindact no chip production facilities of its own no civil disobedience no claims bonus no clipping no cloning theorem no clothes no clothing no comment no communication theorem no comply no compulsion to any external moral imperative no confidence no confidence motion no confidence vote no contest no contest no contests no contradiction no copy survives no cost option no countouts no curvature no damping no de no decision no defined line no deflection no dig gardening no direct military action was rendered no disqualification no disqualification match no disqualification matches no disqualifications no dress whatsoever no driveway access no effect concentration no effect concentrations no effective support had been available no election needs to be held no end no epidemics occurred no ethnic majority no evidence no eyes no faith no false lemmas principle no fault car insurance no fault divorce no fault insurance no fault termination no fingernails no first strike no first use no first use rule no fly list no fly zone no fly zones no foot rise no free lunch no free lunch theorem no free lunch theorems no free lunch with vanishing risk no frills no frills supermarket no further action no glory no good no government at all no hair no hair theorem no handle no hands no hands cartwheel no hit game no hitter no hitters no holds barred no holds barred match no huddle offense no image no kill no kill movement no knock warrant no legal wife no legislature no letter 'e' no limit no limit game no limit hold 'em no limit poker no line of sight no living members no longer no longer applies no longer enemy combatant no longer enemy combatants no longer exist no longer exists no longer found no longer given no longer human no longer in print no longer played no longer remembers no longer spoken no longer thought to be correct no longer wanted no man's land no mans land no man’s land no meaning no meat no mechanism no memory no memory of who she was or why she was there no more no more than twice no name no name no need for speech no new taxes no official language no outlet no outside source of electricity no overall control no pain no gain no pair no parties no passenger trains no passing zones no person shall be punished without a court sentence no photography no piston no platform no policy no precise boundary no prefix no probability is ever set to be exactly zero no problem no program exists no prostitutes here no public railways no purpose no quarter no rational basis no realistic portrayal of natural forms no recollection of her name, her physical features, her personality, or any of the details of her life no reflection no reflow phenomenon no relation to another famous news anchor no religion no religious affiliation no religious test clause no repeated letters no response no result no results no rope barbed wire no rope barbed wire match no safe threshold no self no selling no set no show no showed no showing no shows no sign no signalling condition no silver bullet no slip boundary condition no slip condition no smoking no sold no solution no sovereignty no special preference no specific symptoms no spin zone no standing army no sting no such thing as bad publicity no such word no suit is more powerful than another no sunlight no support from mainstream historians no surrender no symbol no symptoms no tax increases no taxation without representation no teleportation theorem no till method no wasted votes no wave no wave band no win no fee no worries no yards no-action letters no-arbitrage arguments no-bid contract no-bid contracts no-bid government contracts no-boundary proposal no-break space no-broadcast theorem no-cloning theorem no-collisions singularities no-communication theorem no-compete clause no-confidence debate no-confidence motion no-confidence motions no-confidence resolution no-confidence vote no-contest pleas no-decompression limit no-dig gardening no-disqualification match no-escape zones no-execute page-protection no-fault divorce no-fault divorce reform no-fault insurance coverage no-fault laws no-fault system no-fines houses no-flight zone no-fly list no-fly lists no-fly zone no-fly zones no-free-lunch theorem no-frills airline no-frills airlines no-frills car no-ghost theorem no-go area no-go areas no-go theorem no-go theorems no-hair theorem no-hit game no-hit games no-hit no-run no-huddle offense no-kill animal shelter no-kill movement no-kill shelter no-knock raid no-lead fuel no-limit and pot-limit no-limit betting no-limit or pot-limit no-load current no-mans land no-ownership theory no-pan kissa no-points hand no-ropes barbed wire match no-self Anattā no-slip boundary condition no-slip condition no-strike clause no-strike pledge no-take zones no-test level no-till farming no-touch rules no-trade clause no-trade theorem no-win scenario no-win situation no-win situations no-write allocation nobel laureate nobel prize nobiliary law nobiliary particle nobilis kenezius nobility of labor nobility of service nobility of the left nobility of the robe nobility rights nobility status nobility title nobility titles noble birth noble chafer noble clan noble clans noble class noble county noble court noble courts noble crayfish noble disciple noble dynasty noble families noble family noble family dispute noble fir noble gas noble gas atoms noble gas compound noble gas compounds noble gases noble gasses noble grape noble grapes noble hop noble hops noble house noble houses noble lady noble lie noble men noble metal noble metals noble orchids noble people noble person noble quarterings noble rank noble rot noble savage noble savages noble savages. noble status noble title noble titles noble villains noble wine grape noble woman noble women nobles and clergy noblesse d'épée noblesse de race noblesse de robe noblesse oblige nobody wants to be lonely nocardicin-A epimerase nocebo effect noche buena nociceptin receptor nociceptive neurons nociceptive stimuli noctilucent cloud noctilucent clouds noctuid moth noctuid moths noctule bat nocturnal acid breakthrough nocturnal animal nocturnal animals nocturnal council nocturnal emission nocturnal emissions nocturnal enuresis nocturnal feeders nocturnal hemodialysis nocturnal home hemodialysis nocturnal journey nocturnal leg cramps nocturnal myoclonus nocturnal penile tumescence nocturnal sea bird nod and shuffle nod factors nodal analysis nodal cubic nodal line nodal lines nodal patterns nodal planes nodal point nodal points nodal roots nodal surfaces nodavirus endopeptidase nodding broomrape nodding dogs nodding donkey nodding donkeys nodding mouse-ear chickweed nodding pogonia noddy terns graph theory node clade node density effect node failure node fencing node of the moon's orbit node singularity node-based clade node-based compositing node-based taxon node-draining device nodes and antinodes nodes in cars nodes of nodes of the moon nodose ganglion nodowa otoshi nodular cast iron nodular corrosion nodular deposits nodular glomerulosclerosis nodular iron nodular irons nodular lobe nodular parenchyma nodulation factor nodulus of nodulus vermis noemata moralia noematic analysis noetherian module noetherian relation noetherian ring noetherian rings noetherian scheme noetherian schemes noetherian topological space noetic analysis noetic flatness noh theatre noir detective stories noir fiction noir film noir novelist noise abatement noise artifacts noise artist noise band noise bands noise barrage noise barrier noise barriers noise blanking noise canceling noise cancellation noise cancelling noise cancelling headphones noise control noise core noise dosemeter noise emission noise emissions noise environment noise equivalent power noise exposure metric noise factor noise figure noise floor noise gate noise gates noise gating noise generator noise generators noise health effect noise health effects noise immunity noise induced health effects noise induced hearing loss noise insulation noise level noise levels noise makers noise management noise margin noise margins noise mitigation noise modulation noise music noise musician noise nuisance noise ordinance noise pollution noise pop noise power noise power density noise reduction noise regulation noise regulations noise rejection noise removal noise resonance noise restriction noise restrictions noise rock noise rockers noise shaping noise spectral density noise squelch or carrier squelch noise standards noise statistics noise suppression noise suppressor noise temperature noise traders noise wall noise weighting noise which might lead to functional failures noise-canceling headphone noise-canceling microphone noise-cancelling headphone noise-cancelling headphones noise-equivalent power noise-induced hearing loss noise-making gloves noiseless computers noisy channel noisy channel coding theorem noisy channels noisy data noisy investigation noisy investigations noisy scrub birds noisy text noisy text analytics noisy unstructured text data noisy-channel coding theorem noli me tangere nolinium bromide nolle prosequi nolle prossed skateboarding trick nolo contendere nolo contendre nolpitantium besilate nom de guerre nom de plume nom de plume' nom de plumes nom de porn nomad community nomadic culture nomadic empires nomadic equestrians nomadic existence nomadic gypsies nomadic herders nomadic herdsmen nomadic land use nomadic lifestyle nomadic pastoral nomadic pastoralism nomadic pastoralist nomadic pastoralists nomadic people nomadic peoples nomadic transhumance nomadic tribe nomadic tribes nome de guerre nome-gnome merger nomen agentis nomen ambiguum nomen and cognomen nomen conservandum nomen dubium nomen gentile nomen mysticum nomen nescio nomen novum nomen nudum nomen nudums nomen oblitum nomen protectum nomen vanum nomenclatural action nomenclatural synonym nomenclatural synonyms nomenclature code nomenclature of inorganic compounds nomenclature of territorial units for statistics nomenclature rules nomenclature section nomenclature standards nomenclature system for clouds nomic necessity nomilinic acid nomina dubia nomina nuda nomina sacra nominal analogue blanking nominal annual rate nominal bandwidth nominal bonds nominal capacity nominal cases nominal compound nominal compounds nominal consideration nominal damages nominal data nominal defendant nominal definition nominal distributions nominal dollars nominal essence nominal exchange rate nominal exchange rate at the time nominal exchange rates nominal forms of verbs nominal from real amounts nominal group nominal income nominal inflections nominal interest rate nominal interest rates nominal ledger nominal level nominal line impedance nominal logic nominal mass nominal measurement nominal money supply nominal morphologies nominal numbers nominal or real values nominal phrase nominal power nominal predicative nominal price nominal prices nominal rates nominal scale nominal sense nominal short run interest rate nominal subtyping nominal sum nominal terms nominal value nominal variables nominal yield nominalized verb nominate contract nominate race nominate reports nominate subspecies nominated for the position of party leader nominated for the presidency nominated member of parliament nominated the following people nominating ballot nominating committee nominating committees nominating convention nominating conventions nominating group nominating groups nominating signatures nomination convention nomination conventions nomination deposit nomination for its cinematography nomination for the presidency nomination of presidential candidate nominative absolute nominative case nominative determinism nominative form nominative personal pronoun nominative systems nominative type system nominative type systems nominative use nominative-absolutive languages nominative-accusative alignment nominative-accusative language nominative-accusative languages nominative-accusative system nominee positions nomive case nomological danglers nomological set nomological validity nomologically possible nomothetic explanation noms de guerre noms de plume non 24-hour sleep-wake syndrome non accredited non bis in idem non carbon-based life non causa pro causa non co-operation movement non collaborative works non commercial non commercial farm forestry non commissioned officer non commissioned officers non commutative non compos mentis non conformist non conformists non constat non contradiction non cooperation movement non cyclic electron flow non dairy non denominational non departmental public body non disclosure agreement non dual consciousness non ducor duco non empty non equilibrium systems non est factum non esterification non expedit non faciat malum, ut inde veniat bonum non ferrous metals non fiction non finito non food crops non free non governmental non instrument navigation non league non league football non legato non lethal non line-of-sight non linear non linear editing non linear optic non linear optics non linear video editing non local color non metropolitan non myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplant non nobis solum non obstante verdicto non obstante veredicto non orthodox non paper non performing assets non placet non player characters non polar non profit non profit distributing non profit organisation non profit organization non profit organizations non reflective non return to zero non separable terms non sequitur non sequiturs non serviam non show non smooth non standard non statutory female on male rape non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs non subscription based non turbocharged non violence non violent non- or gamma-hemolytic non- or undecimated wavelet transform non-Abelian gauge groups non-Abelian group non-Abelian groups non-American films non-Archimedean absolute value non-Archimedean field non-Aristotelian logic non-BCS bowls non-BCS conference non-Christian faiths non-Communist left non-Debye response non-EU members non-Euclidean geometries non-Euclidean geometry non-Euclidean plane geometry non-Euclidean space non-European languages non-FIFA football non-Han ethnic minority group non-Hausdorff manifolds non-Hispanic white non-Hispanic whites non-Hodgkin lymphoma non-Hodgkin lymphomas non-Hodgkins lymphoma non-Hodgkins lymphomas non-Israelite nations non-Japanese loanwords non-Japanese person non-Jewish majority non-Jewish nations non-Jewish religious court non-Kekulé molecules non-Latin characters non-League football non-League scene non-Muslim citizens non-Muslim subject nations non-Muslim subject peoples non-Newtonian behavior non-Newtonian flow non-Newtonian fluid non-Newtonian fluid dynamics non-Newtonian fluids non-Newtonian liquids non-Newtonian physics non-PC compatible non-PC compatible x86 computer non-Pama-Nyungan languages non-REM sleep non-Russian languages non-SI unit prefix non-SI unit prefixes non-SLR digital cameras non-Test playing non-Wieferich primes non-abelian bundle gerbes non-abelian class field theory non-abelian cohomology non-abelian gauge theory non-abelian group non-abelian group cohomology non-abelian groups non-abusive pedophilia non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment non-achromatic objectives non-additive 3-body interactions non-adjacent form non-administrative counties non-aerial consumer fireworks non-aggression agreement non-aggression axiom non-aggression pact non-aggression pacts non-aggression principle non-aggression principles non-aggression treaty non-album single non-alcoholic australian cocktail non-alcoholic beer non-alcoholic beverage non-alcoholic beverages non-alcoholic cocktail non-alcoholic drinks non-alcoholic mixed drink non-alcoholic mixed drinks non-alcoholic wedding non-aligned countries non-aligned country non-aligned movement non-aligned movment non-aligned nations non-aligned states non-analytic smooth function non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid non-arable land use non-archimedean field non-archimedean fields non-aristotelian drama non-articular depressions non-articular eminences non-articular portion non-assignment clause non-associative algebra non-associative algebras non-atomic instruction non-autonomous system non-axiomatic reasoning system non-bailable warrant non-bank subsidiary non-banking financial companies non-banking financial company non-banking subsidiaries non-being and nothing non-binding resolution non-binding resolutions non-biting midges non-blittable types non-blocking algorithms non-blocking progress non-blocking synchronization non-bonded interactions non-bonding electrons non-breaking space non-breaking spaces non-brewed condiment non-broadcast pilot non-building structures non-burrowing forms non-callable bonds non-caloric sweeteners non-canonical gospels non-canonical way non-carbon biology non-carbon economy non-carbon society non-carbon-based life non-caste tribes non-causal filter non-celebrity version non-cellular fermentation non-cellular life non-chargeable interstate route non-charitable purpose trusts non-charitable purposes non-circulating legal tender non-classical analysis non-classical cation non-classical ion non-classical ions non-classical light non-classical logic non-classical logics non-classical metal carbonyl non-clastic rock non-clathrin coated pits non-clean power sources non-clinical (mis)use non-coding region non-coding regions of genes non-coding sequences non-coding strand non-cognitive states non-collinear points non-combat role non-commercial educational non-commercial theatre non-commisioned officer non-commisionned officer non-commissioned member non-commissioned members non-commissioned officer non-commissioned officers non-commissioned rank non-communicable diseases non-communications signals non-communist resistance non-commutative algebra non-commutative differentiable manifolds non-commutative geometry non-commutative harmonic analysis non-commutative polynomial rings non-commutative rings non-commutative topology non-commuting formal power series non-commuting polynomials non-compact groups non-compete agreement non-compete agreements non-compete clause non-compete clauses non-compete contract non-competing groups non-competition agreement non-competitive diving non-competitive inhibition non-competitive inhibitors non-compulsory expenditure non-computable function non-conceptual content non-conceptual mental content non-confidence motion non-confidence motions non-confidence vote non-configurational languages non-conforming loan non-conforming loans non-conformist art non-conformist churches non-conformist conformist non-conformist movement non-congruence subgroups non-conscious brain activity non-consensual crimes non-consensual sex non-consensual sexual assault non-constructive rules of inference non-consultant career grade non-contact force non-contact game non-contestable market non-contributing factor non-contributing factors non-contributing members non-contributing property non-controllable character non-conventional non-conventional literature grey literature non-conventional grey literature non-conventional energy non-conventional oil non-conventional sources of oil non-conventional trademarks