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polygonal mesh polygonal mesh models polygonal meshes polygonal model polygonal modeling polygonal number polygonal number theorem polygonal numbers polygonal path polygonal region polygonal regions polygonal rifling polygonal shapes polygons in a mesh polygraph examinations polygraph machine polygraph test polygraph tests polygraphic substitution cipher polygraphic substitution ciphers polyguanylate sequences polygyny threshold model polyhedral compound polyhedral compounds polyhedral convex function polyhedral core polyhedral cores polyhedral dice polyhedral die polyhedral duals polyhedral formula polyhedral geometry polyhedral groups polyhedral hyperprisms polyhedral models polyhedral net polyhedral sets polyhedral skeletal electron pair theory polyhedral sundial polyhedral virus polyhedron compound polyhedron models polyhexafluoropropylene oxide polyhexamethylene biguanide polyhydric alcohols polyketide sugar unit biosynthesis polyketide synthase polyketide synthesis polylactic acid polylogarithm function polylogarithm ladders polymannuronate hydrolase polymer backbone polymer banknote polymer banknotes polymer branching polymer chain polymer chains polymer chemist polymer chemistry polymer chemists polymer clay polymer clays polymer complexes polymer concrete polymer degradation polymer electronics polymer fiber adsorbent polymer film polymer foil electrets polymer fume fever polymer injection polymer insert polymer light-emitting diodes polymer melt polymer modified binder polymer network polymer notes polymer or plastic bonded explosives polymer physics polymer production polymer quantum mechanics polymer resin polymer science polymer science and technology polymer solar cells polymer solution polymer substrate polymer systems polymer trap mechanism polymer turbulence drag reduction polymer-bonded explosive polymer-bonded explosives polymerase chain reaction polymerase chain reaction procedure polymerase chain reactions polymerase chain reactions polymerase stuttering polymeric carbohydrates polymeric chain polymeric dithiocarbamate fungicides polymeric immunoglobulin receptor polymeric ligand exchanger polymeric materials polymeric membranes polymerization reactions polymerized α-olefins polymetallic nodules polymethine dye polymethyl methacrylate polymethyl methacrylates polymodal chromaticism polymorphic cells polymorphic code polymorphic encryption polymorphic engine polymorphic form polymorphic forms polymorphic lambda calculus polymorphic species polymorphic transformations polymorphic ventricular tachycardia polymorphism (biology polymorphonuclear leucocytes polymorphonuclear leukocytes polymorphonuclear neurtrophil cells polymorphonuclear neutrophil polymorphonuclear neutrophils polymorphous perverse polymorphous perversity polymorphously perverse polymyxin b polynesian mythology polynesian rats polyneuridine aldehyde polyneuridine-aldehyde esterase polynomial algebra polynomial algebras polynomial approximation scheme polynomial basis polynomial chaos polynomial complexity polynomial curve polynomial degrees polynomial division polynomial equation polynomial equations polynomial equivalence polynomial expansion polynomial factorization polynomial function polynomial functional calculus polynomial functions polynomial gcd polynomial growth polynomial hierarchy polynomial identities polynomial interpolation polynomial invariants polynomial knot invariant polynomial lemniscates polynomial long division polynomial multiplication polynomial number polynomial optimization polynomial reductions polynomial regression polynomial remainder polynomial remainder theorem polynomial ring polynomial rings polynomial run-time polynomial scalar invariants polynomial sequence polynomial sequences polynomial sequences of binomial type polynomial space polynomial time polynomial time algorithm polynomial time approximation scheme polynomial time approximation schemes polynomial time hierarchy polynomial time solvable polynomial vector fields polynomial with no repeated roots polynomial-time algorithm polynomial-time algorithms polynomial-time approximation scheme polynomial-time many-one reducible polynomial-time many-one reduction polynomial-time many-one reductions polynomial-time reducibility polynomial-time reducible polynomial-time reduction polynomial-time reductions polynomial-time solutions polynomially bounded polynomially compact polynomially reflexive polynomials are orthogonal polynormal subgroup polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons polynuclear aromatics polynucleotide 3'-phosphatase polynucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase polynucleotide 5'-phosphatase polynucleotide adenylyltransferase polynucleotide kinase polyol carbohydrate polyol esters polyol pathway polyoma virus polyomavirus transforming antigen polyomino packing polyostotic fibrous dysplasia polyoxyalkyl alcohols polyoxyethylene stearate 40 stearate polyoxyethylene 40 stearate polyoxyethylene stearate 8 stearate polyoxyethylene 8 stearate polyoxypropylene diamine polypeptide chain polypeptide chains polypeptide nature of proteins polypeptide synthesis polypersonal agreement polyphase coils polyphase filter polyphase liposomes polyphase matrices polyphase matrix polyphase merge polyphase merge sort polyphase power system polyphase power systems polyphase quadrature filter polyphase system polyphase systems polyphased filterbank polyphasic sleep polyphasic sleeper polyphasic sleeping polyphenol antioxidant polyphenol antioxidants polyphenol oxidase polyphenol oxidases polyphenyl ether polyphenylene oxide polyphenylene sulfide polyphenylene vinylene polyphonic aftertouch polyphonic chant polyphonic choir polyphonic embouchure polyphonic instruments polyphonic keyboard polyphonic lines polyphonic music polyphonic piece polyphonic ring tones polyphonic ringtone polyphonic ringtones polyphonic sequenser polyphonic song polyphonic sound generator polyphonic synthesizers polyphosphate kinase polyphosphate-accumulating organisms polyphosphoric acid polyphosphoric acids polyphyletic origin polyploid complex polyploid complexes polypodium lonchitis polyposis coli polyposis registries polyprenyl phosphate polyproline helix polypropylene carbonate polypropylene copolymer polypropylene glycol polypropylene polybenzyl isocyanate polypropylene string polypropylene string breast implants polyprotic acid polyps-and-spots syndrome polypyrimidine tract polypyrimidine tract-binding protein polypyrimidine-tract binding protein polyquaternium 15 polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase polysaccharide capsule polysemous language polysemous words polysialic acid polysomnogram assay polysophical society polysorbate 1 polysorbate 20 polysorbate 21 polysorbate 40 polysorbate 60 polysorbate 61 polysorbate 65 polysorbate 8 polysorbate 80 polysorbate 81 polysorbate 85 polystrate fossils polystyrene concrete polystyrene foam polystyrene sulfonate) polystyrene sulfonic acid polysulfide bromide battery polysulfide fungicides polysymmetric polynomials polysynaptic reflexes polysynthetic language polysynthetic languages polysystem theory polytechnic college polytechnic colleges polytechnic institute polytechnic institutions polytechnic school polytechnic university polytechnical institute polytechnical school polytechnical schools polytene chromosomes polytheistic beliefs polytheistic myth as psychology polytheistic pantheon polytheistic reconstructionism polytheistic reconstructionist polytheistic religion polytheistic religions polytheistic society polytrimethylene terephthalate polytrinic alloy polytrope theory polytropic fluid polyunsaturated dietary fats polyunsaturated fat polyunsaturated fats polyunsaturated fatty polyunsaturated fatty acid polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis polyunsaturated fatty acids polyurethane foam polyurethane foam rubber polyurethane laminate polyurethane skateboard wheel polyuridylic acid polyvalent form polyvalent vaccine polyvinyl acetate polyvinyl alcohol polyvinyl alcohols polyvinyl bromide polyvinyl butyral polyvinyl chloride polyvinyl chloride polyvinyl fluoride polyvinyl fluorides polyvinyl pyridine-N-oxide polyvinyl pyrrolidone polyvinyl siloxane polyvinyl toluene polyvinyl-alcohol dehydrogenase polyvinyl-alcohol oxidase polyvinylidene chloride polyvinylidene difluoride polyvinylidene fluoride polyvinylidiene chloride pom pom pom poms pom squad pom-pom girls pom-pom guns poma lift pomace brandy pomace wine pomarine skua pomegranate fruit pomegranate juice pomegranate seeds pomegranate trees pomegranate-and-walnut sauce pomis cup pomme de sang pomme de terre pommel horse pommel horse event pommerl horse pommes frites pommes frites belgian-style french fries pomorsky raspev pomp and circumstance pompano dolphinfish pompeii worms pompous grass pon farr poncelet wheel poncho liner poncirus trifoliata pond bat pond cypress pond heron pond herons pond hockey pond liner pond liners pond pine pond scum pond skaters pond smelt pond snail pond turtle pond water ponderomotive force ponderosa pine ponderosa pines ponderous siltsnail ponds and streams ponds or lakes pong lang pongo pygmaeus ponkan oranges pons asinorum pons hepatis pont d'Austerlitz pontic steppe pontifex maximus pontifical basilicas pontifical blessings pontifical charters pontifical college pontifical court pontifical family pontifical glove pontifical institute pontifical legate pontifical mass pontifical minor basilicas pontifical name pontifical names pontifical school pontifical secret pontifical universities pontifical university pontifical vicar pontine arteries pontine branches pontine cistern pontine flexure pontine hemorrhage pontine nuclei pontine reticular pontine reticular formation pontine tegmentum pontis profundæ pontocerebellar system pontomedullary junction pontoon boat pontoon boats pontoon bridge pontoon bridges pontoon bridging pontoon fenders pontoon ferries pontoon ferry pontospinal fasciculus pontospinal fasciculus of ponts et chaussées engineers pony boots pony boots fetish footwear pony bottle pony bottle or an isolation manifold pony car pony cars pony club pony cylinders pony express pony motor pony play pony ring pony tail pony trotting pony truck pony truss pony truss bridge pony wall ponzi scheme ponzi schemes ponzu sauce poo gas pooch kick pooch punt poodle hybrids poodle rock poodle skirt poodle skirts and snooker pool halls and snooker halls pool and snooker halls no water pocket billiards pool hustler pocket billiards hustler pool pocket billiards hustler pool adjacent violators algorithm pool and riffle pool and snooker halls pool ball pool balls pool bar pool barb pool betting pool billiards pool booker pool chalk pool checkers pool chemicals pool chlorine pool compromise pool concept pool coping pool cue pool cues pool deck pool fencing pool filter pool frog pool games pool guy pool hall pool halls pool hustler pool hustling pool match pool mixes pool noodle pool noodles pool of blood pool of bubbling water pool of death pool of liquid metal pool party pool player pool pumps pool report pool room pool rooms pool safety camera pool sanitation pool shark pool stage pool stages pool stages within a wider tournament pool supplies pool table pool tables pool water pool yards pool-hall hustler pool-riffle sequences pool-type nuclear reactors pool-type reactor pooled funds pooled investment pooled investment vehicle pooled standard deviation pooled their bets pooled time-series pooled trusts pooled variance pooling of interests pooling problem pooling resources pools and transfers moneys pools panel poon choi poon choy poon tree poop deck poop decks poop joke pooper scooper pooping wave poor appetite poor baby poor box office performance poor classes poor countries poor coverage poor credit ratings poor debate performance poor decision-making techniques poor design poor economic organization poor economic performance poor family poor farm poor feeding poor hindquarters poor house poor houses poor hygiene poor impulse control poor in metals poor jewish cousin poor judgment poor law poor law union poor law unions poor laws poor man's poor metabolisers poor metabolizer poor metabolizers poor metal poor metals poor muscle tone poor nutrition poor ones poor ovarian reserve poor parenting in tribal societies poor people poor peoples poor quality data poor rate poor reception poor relief poor responsiveness poor schools poor source of tryptophan poor spellers poor sport poor sportsmanship poor structure poor student poor suburbs poor taste poor theatre poor translations poor visual acuity poor working conditions poor working environment poor-law commissioner poor-law guardians poorab ang poored out poorer people poorest counties poorly adapted poorly approximates poorly calibrated poorly designed for human usage poorly insulated poorly mastered poorly phrased questions poorly planned pop act pop album pop album charts pop albums pop albums chart pop and rock pop and roll pop architecture pop art pop artist pop artists pop ballad pop band pop bands pop celebrities pop chart pop charts pop composer pop concert pop corn pop country pop cultural pop cultural figure pop culture pop culture criticism pop culture icon pop culture obsession pop cultures pop dance pop duo pop entertainer pop festival pop flies pop fly pop folk pop funk pop genres pop group pop groups pop gun pop guns pop hit pop hooks pop icon pop icons pop idol pop idols pop jazz pop journalism pop kaki fashion pop legend pop metal pop music pop music charts pop music icons pop music industry pop music parodies pop music songwriting template pop musical pop musician pop musicians pop one's clogs pop out pop paradise pop princess pop princesses pop psych pop psychobabble pop psychologist pop psychology pop punk pop queen pop quiz pop quizzes pop radio pop rap pop rapper pop rappers pop raï pop record pop rivets pop rock pop rock music pop rock sound pop rock-oriented pop rocker pop rocks pop science pop sensibility pop shield pop shot pop shove it pop singer pop singers pop single pop single charts pop singles pop singles chart pop singles charts pop song pop song structure pop songs pop soul pop standard pop standards pop star pop stars pop success pop superstar pop surrealism pop surrealist pop tops pop trio pop tune pop tunes pop up pop up ads pop up books pop up headlights pop ups pop video pop videos pop vocal pop vocalists pop-cult mythos pop-culture icon pop-culture tourist pop-music stars pop-pop boats pop-rock band pop-rock music pop-shove it pop-under advertisements pop-up ad pop-up ads pop-up advertisements pop-up advertising pop-up blocker pop-up blockers pop-up blocking pop-up book pop-up books pop-up headlamps pop-up headlights pop-up menu pop-up menus pop-up toaster pop-up trailers pop-up travel trailers pop-up trivia pop-up versions pop-up windows popcorn bag popcorn chicken popcorn fish popcorn function popcorn knits popcorn machine popcorn maker popcorn movies popcorn popper popcorn salt popcorn shrimp pope and his two nephews pope having relocated popeseye steak popeye catafula popinjay archery popish plot popishly affected popiwek tax poplar buds poplar tree poplar trees poplar wood popliteal aneurism popliteal artery popliteal bursa popliteal fascia popliteal fold popliteal fossa popliteal glands popliteal height popliteal ligament popliteal line popliteal lymph nodes popliteal nerve popliteal space popliteal surface popliteal synovial cyst popliteal vein popliteum obliquum popliteus muscle popmusic videoclips popondetta blue-eye popped collar popped out poppet head poppet type poppet valve poppet valves poppet-valve-based markers popping corn popping crease popping creases popping her cherry popping his own "magnum" of champagne popping up poppy appeal poppy capsule poppy capsules poppy cultivation poppy family poppy flower poppy mallow poppy milk poppy plantations poppy seed poppy seed oil poppy seeds poppy tea poppy-seed cake poppyseed oil pops orchestra pops the question popular adult education popular adult magazine popular among women popular antiquities popular art popular arts popular assemblies popular assembly popular belief popular beliefs popular bingo hall game popular board game popular board game of the same name popular book popular books popular brand popular capitalism popular caricature popular charts popular children's book popular comic series popular comic strip popular consciousness popular cosmetics line popular country song popular cultural popular culture popular culture references popular culture studies popular culture trends popular cultures popular culturist popular currency popular current popular dance popular democracy popular depiction popular destination popular documentary series popular education popular election popular elections popular entertainment popular entertainment forms popular environmentalism popular eponymous series popular etymology popular fairy tale of the same name popular fallacy popular fan belief popular fan dub popular fashion doll line popular female pastime popular fiction popular fictions popular films popular front popular frontist popular fronts popular genres popular girl popular history popular history book popular hit record popular houses popular icon popular icons popular illegalisms popular initiative popular inn sign popular interest in the middle ages popular jury popular justice popular liberalism popular literature popular magazines popular media popular media references popular melodies popular misconception popular monarchies popular monarchy popular motif popular movement popular movements popular movie series popular music popular music program popular music standards popular musical popular musical number popular musician popular musicians popular musics popular myth popular mythological warrior popular name popular novel popular participation popular perception of science popular philosophy popular piety popular poet popular pornographic movie popular power popular press popular prints popular protest popular protests popular psychological popular psychology popular racing horse popular recording artist popular referendum popular referendums popular religion popular remix popular representation popular resistance popular revolt popular revolts popular riot popular riots popular rising popular risings popular rock popular rule popular science popular science books popular science films popular sciences popular scientific popular series of commercials popular singer popular soft drink popular song popular song of the same name popular song of the same title popular songs popular songs and dances popular sovereignty popular sports manga popular standard popular standards popular student area popular subscription association popular television programme popular term popular theater popular theatre popular themes and catchphrases popular theory popular thought popular title character popular tourist destinations popular trading cards popular tunes popular uprising popular uprisings popular upsurge in that year popular video game popular videogame popular vote popular votes popular web site popularisation of science popularised systems of management ideas popularity contest popularity ratings popularization of science popularizer of science popularizing science popularly elected populated areas populated place populated places population age structure population ageing population aging population and ethics population balance population beyond population biology population boom population bottleneck population bottlenecks population census population censuses population center population centre population characteristics population coding population cohort population connectivity population control population control measures population control program population crash population crisis population cycle population data population decline population densities population density population deportations population dieoff population displacement population distribution population doctrine population dynamics population ecology population economics population estimates population estimation population ethics population exceeding population exchange population exchange agreement population exchange laws population exchanges population expansion population expansion pressure population explosion population explosions population expulsions population forcibly deported population frequencies population genetical population geneticist population geneticists population genetics population geography population grew population groups population growth population growth curves population growth model population growth rate population has grown population health population increase population influx population inversion population inversions population loss population mean population migration population mobility population model population modeling population momentum population movements population of that area population of the country population of the territory population of the world population overshoot population parameter population parameters population patterns population pharmacokinetics population planning programs population policies population pressure population pressures population process population processes population projections population pyramid population rank population redistribution population registers population regulation population sample population samples population size population sizes population spike population spread population statistics population structure population structures population studies population substructure population thinking population transfer population transfers population vector hypothesis population viability analyses population viability analysis population-based incremental learning population-land ratio populist ideas populist movement populist policies populous metropolitan area in the world popup ads popup blocker popup headlights popup menu popup window por and para por la libre porate pollen porbeagle shark porcelain clay porcelain crab porcelain crabs porcelain cup porcelain factory porcelain finials porcelain plates porcelain restoration porcelain slip porcelain stone porcelain telephone porcelain tile porcelain veilleuses porcelain veilleuses, porch church porch collapse porch monkey porch swing porcine circovirus porcine endogenous retrovirus porcine epidemic diarrhea virus porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus porcine livestock porcine parvovirus porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus porcini mushrooms porcupine fish porcupine fishes porcupine grass porcupine pufferfish porcupine ray pore fluid pressure pore forming pore forming toxin pore forming toxins pore pressure pore pressures pore size distribution pore spaces pore structure pore water pore water pressure pore water pressures pored mushroom porfimer sodium poricidal anthers pork and beans pork barrel pork barrel legislation pork barrel politics pork barrel projects pork barrel spending pork barreling pork barrelling pork bellies pork belly pork bellys pork chop pork chop bun pork chop eave pork chop sandwiches pork chops pork client pork cracklins pork cutlet pork cycle pork fat pork jelly pork jerky pork lard pork loin pork packer pork pie pork pie hat pork pie hats pork pies pork projects pork rib pork ribs pork rind pork rinds pork roll pork sausage pork sausages and potatoes pork scratchings pork spending pork spine pork steak pork tapeworm pork tenderloin pork tenderloin sandwich pork tendon pork tocino pork-barrel project pork-barrel spending pork-pie hat porkchop plots porkpie hat pormanteau film porn 2.0 porn actor porn actors porn actress porn actresses porn addiction porn business porn chic porn director porn film porn films porn games porn had become chic porn industry porn magazine porn magazines porn movie porn movie director porn movies porn rap porn site porn sites porn star porn star's porn star, porn starlets porn stars porn tape porn theatres porn video porn-positive feminism porno chic porno films porno magazines porno mags porno movie or "adult" pornographic films or "adult" films pornographic or "adult" films pornographic actor pornographic actor and model pornographic actors pornographic actress pornographic actressand pornographic actresses pornographic anime pornographic business pornographic cinema pornographic content pornographic director pornographic esoterica pornographic film pornographic film actress pornographic film industry pornographic film star pornographic film theaters pornographic filmmaking pornographic films pornographic home video pornographic images pornographic images of minors pornographic industry pornographic literature pornographic magazine pornographic magazines pornographic material pornographic materials pornographic model pornographic modeling pornographic movie pornographic movie of the same name pornographic movies pornographic performer pornographic photography pornographic pictures pornographic pictures of children pornographic productions pornographic racket pornographic tattoos pornographic titles pornographic video pornographic video clips pornographic video game pornographic video games pornographic videos pornographic web site pornographic website pornographic websites pornography addict pornography addiction pornography industry pornography movies pornography shops pornography site pornography theatre pornography website poromeric imitation leather poromeric imitation leathers porosity development porous basalt porous bones porous border porous materials porous media porous medium porous pavements porous point pen porous silicon porphobilinogen deaminase porphobilinogen synthase Tyrian purple porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism porphyrin disorder porphyrin ring porphyrin synthesis porphyritic rock porphyritic texture porphyry copper porphyry copper deposit porpoise morbillivirus porro chocoano porro prism port 80 port a' bhéil port address translation port and material handling port and polish