poppet valve

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poppet valve (plural poppet valves)

  1. (mechanics) A valve (as in an internal combustion engine) which consists of a sliding shaft with a disk on the end (the disk being shaped to alternately plug and unplug a matching port) and which is operated by springs and possibly cams interacting with the shaft.
    • 1900, Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications (page 75)
      This communication between the tank and pump is controlled by a float valve in the tanks and a cock in the pipe, while a poppet valve prevents the undrawn liquor going into the waste tank.
    • 1959, Steam's Finest Hour, edited by David P. Morgan, Kalmbach Publishing Co., page 62:
      Chesapeake & Ohio's enormous L-2 4-6-4's with Franklin rotary-cam poppet valves boasted an engine weight of 221½ tons and were coal-minded Chessie's last bid to beat the passenger diesel with a reciprocating engine.