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poor man's

  1. Cheaper than, simpler than, or inferior to.
    • 1996, False Patriots: The Threat of Antigovernment Extremists:
      Saxon is author of the popular terrorist manual The Poor Man's James Bond, a handbook containing recipes for bombs, napalm and tear gas.
    • 1999, Charles Leadbeater and Ian Christie, To Our Mutual Advantage:
      People do not want 'second best' self-help schemes, which are regarded as a poor man's version of the market.
    • 2001, Graham Nelson, The Inform Designer's Manual:
      Much as the creators of Usenet called it “the poor man's ARPANET,” bulletin boards were a poor man's FTP.
    • 2013, Jude Morgan, National Past Time: Kingpin Alley, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 6:
      Bowling is something everybody can do. It's a poor man's golf.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often used to describe a free or cheap alternative to a commodity.

Derived terms[edit]