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popular science (uncountable)

  1. An interpretation of science intended for a general audience, rather than for other scientists or students.
    • 1920, Edward Carpenter, Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning, page 36:
      The priests who were, as I have said, the early students and inquirers, had worked out this astronomical side, and in that way were able to fix dates and to frame for the benefit of the populace myths and legends, which were in a certain sense explanations of the order of Nature, and a kind of "popular science."
  2. (attributive) Of, or having to do with science, but aimed at ordinary people as opposed to scientists; intended for general consumption.
    It was published in a popular science magazine.
    • 2016, Begoña Bellés-Fortuño, “Popular Science Articles vs. Scientific Articles: a Tool for Medical Education”, in Pilar Ordóñez-López, Nuria Edo-Marzá, editors, Medical Discourse in Professional, Academic and Popular Settings, Bristol: Multilingual Matters, →ISBN, pages 55–78:
      During the 19th century the need to make science more accessible to the public resulted in the emergence of a new type of written genre, the popular science article.