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specific weight specific weights specific words for a number of coins specific yield specifically adsorbed specifically enforce specification body specification language specification languages specification limits specification sheets specification tree specifications for flag use specified complexity specified ministries specified mood specified mood disorders affective disorders specified mood affective disorders specified nonprofit corporation specified perinatal haematological specified risk materials specify these conditions in more detail specifying a transformation by three points specifying and verifying specifying or describing specifying the area specimen banknotes specimen envelopes specious present specium ray speckle binary speckle imaging speckle inferometry speckle interferometry speckle masking speckle noise speckle pattern speckled alder speckled hen speckled kingsnake speckled mousebirds speckled perch speckled pocketbook speckled pygmy goby speckled rattlesnake speckled sandcrab speckled sanddab speckled teal speckled trout speckled wood spectacle case spectacle case pearly mussel spectacled bear spectacled bears spectacled caiman spectacled cormorant spectacled eider spectacled eiders spectacled elephant shrew spectacled lizards spectacles bridge spectacular growth spectacular high marking spectacular incident spectacular mark spectacular marks spectacular mountain scenery spectator interference spectator ion spectator ions spectator riot spectator sport spectator sports spectemur agendo specter of civil war spectral analysis spectral analysis in astronomy spectral and luminosity type spectral asymmetry spectral balance spectral band spectral band replication spectral bands spectral bandwidth spectral bias spectral black dog spectral categories spectral category spectral centroid spectral class spectral classes spectral classification spectral clustering spectral color spectral colors spectral composition spectral decomposition spectral decomposition of matrices spectral decompositions spectral density spectral density function spectral edge frequency spectral efficiency spectral element method spectral element methods spectral emission lines spectral emissions spectral energy distribution spectral envelope spectral estimation spectral evidence spectral expanders spectral factorization spectral filtering spectral flow spectral flux spectral function spectral glide spectral graph theory spectral hole burning spectral hole filters spectral image compression spectral imaging spectral index spectral intensities spectral intensity spectral interferometry spectral intervals spectral irradiance spectral karyotype spectral layout spectral leakage spectral lights spectral line spectral line broadening spectral line emission spectral line shape function spectral line widths spectral lines spectral linewidth spectral locus spectral mask spectral masks spectral measure spectral measures spectral method spectral methods spectral model spectral music spectral norm spectral norms spectral orders spectral perturbation spectral phase spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction spectral power density spectral power distribution spectral power distributions spectral properties spectral properties of compact operators spectral radiance spectral radius spectral radius formula spectral range spectral reflectance spectral reflectance functions spectral resolution spectral resolutions spectral response spectral sensitivities spectral sequence spectral sequences spectral set spectral shape spectral signature spectral signatures spectral skewing spectral slope spectral space spectral splatter spectral tarsier spectral technique spectral techniques spectral test spectral theorem spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint operators spectral theorems spectral theory spectral theory of compact operators spectral truncation spectral tubes spectral type spectral types spectral width spectrally efficient spectrally flat spectre of death spectrin deficiency spectrochemical series spectrographic analysis spectrometer beta spectrometer tube spectrometers and spectrographs spectroscopic analysis spectroscopic binaries spectroscopic binary spectroscopic companion spectroscopic composition spectroscopic data spectroscopic experiments spectroscopic feature spectroscopic interpretation spectroscopic lines spectroscopic measurement spectroscopic measurements spectroscopic methods spectroscopic notation spectroscopic observations spectroscopic properties spectroscopic redshifts spectroscopic research spectroscopic signals spectroscopic technique spectroscopic techniques spectroscopic terms spectroscopic transitions homotopy theory spectrum analyser spectrum analysis spectrum analyzer spectrum analyzers spectrum and amount of thermal radiation spectrum auction spectrum auctions spectrum band spectrum bias spectrum camera spectrum disorder spectrum efficiency spectrum follower spectrum inversion spectrum is spread spectrum licence spectrum management spectrum of a matrix spectrum of a ring spectrum of a theory spectrum of activity spectrum of an operator spectrum of beliefs spectrum of light spectrum of light emitted by a glowing object spectrum of psychological conditions spectrum of radiation spectrum of the star spectrum of violence spectrum of visible light spectrum spreading spectrum visualization specular highlight specular highlighting specular highlights specular lighting specular manner specular mapping specular microscope specular reflection specular reflections specularly reflected or exploratory speculative engineering or exploratory engineering speculative or exploratory engineering speculative attacks speculative bubble speculative bubbles speculative computing speculative demand speculative demand for money speculative euphoria speculative execute speculative execution speculative fiction speculative fiction. speculative frenzy speculative genres speculative grade speculative grammar speculative grammarians speculative instruments speculative investments speculative literature speculative market speculative masons speculative mathematics speculative model speculative multithreading speculative philosophy speculative poetry speculative reason speculative theology speculative writing speculatively evaluating speculatively execute speculator boom speculum feathers speculum literature speculum metal speculum regum sped up sped-up film sped-up vocals speech & debate public address speech act speech act theory speech acts speech and debate speech and language disorder speech and language disorders speech and language pathology speech and language processing speech and language therapists speech and language therapy speech arts speech balloon speech balloons speech bubble speech bubbles speech classification speech clinic speech club speech code speech codec speech codecs speech coder speech codes speech coding speech commands speech communication speech communities speech community speech competitions speech compression speech compression and recognition speech corpus speech cortex speech data compression speech databases speech day speech defect speech delay speech delays speech difficulties speech disability speech discrimination speech disfluencies speech disfluency speech disorder speech disorders speech disturbances speech encoders speech encoding speech enhancement speech errors speech events speech from the throne speech genres speech impairment speech impediment speech impediments speech imperfections speech inpedement speech intelligibility speech interface speech interference speech language pathologist speech language pathologists speech level speech levels speech making speech mannerisms speech marks speech modeling speech of birds speech of the birds speech on abortion speech on the assassination speech organs speech pathologist speech pathologists speech pathologists and therapists speech pathology speech patterns speech perception speech processing speech processor speech production speech quality speech radio speech rate speech recognition speech recognition transcription speech recognizer speech registers speech samples speech science speech scientist speech scientists speech scroll speech scrolls speech segment speech segmentation speech signal processing speech signals speech sound speech sound disorder speech sounds speech synthesis speech synthesis unit speech synthesiser speech synthesizer speech synthesizers speech taboos speech technology speech therapist speech therapists speech therapy speech to the troops speech urging the students to end the hunger strike speech vandalism speech varieties speech writer speech writers speech-act theory speech-language pathologist speech-language pathologists speech-language pathology speech-language therapy speech-recognition software speech-to-text conversion speed "c" speed adjustable steering speed auction tv speed bag speed barrier speed bike speed bleeders speed boat speed boating speed boats speed brake speed brakes speed bump speed bumps speed camera speed camera vans speed cameras speed chess speed code speed control speed controllers speed cuber speed cubers speed cushion speed cushions speed daters speed dating speed detector gun speed enforcement cameras speed film speed garage speed glue speed golf speed governor speed governors speed gun speed guns speed hill climb speed hump speed humps speed in ideal gases and in air speed juggling speed learning speed limit speed limit signs speed limits speed loader speed metal speed metallers speed nut speed of speed of a vessel over the ground speed of convergence speed of dark speed of electricity speed of gravity speed of growth speed of light speed of light speed of light in a vacuum speed of light in that medium speed of light in vacuum speed of light was changing speed of propagation speed of propagation of gravity speed of response speed of rotation speed of selection speed of sound speed of sound in a gas speed of sound in an ideal gas speed picking speed poker speed pool speed prior speed ramp speed ramping speed reader speed readers speed reading speed record speed record holder speed regulation speed restrictions speed run speed runs speed sailing speed scale speed seduction speed sensitive power steering speed sensitive volume control speed sensor speed sensors speed skater speed skaters speed skates speed skating speed skier speed skiing speed slide speed square speed stacking speed table speed tables speed throttling speed to fly speed trap speed traps speed up speed value speed walking speed wobble speed wobbles speed-boat racing speed-up calculations speeded-up motion speeder bike speeder bike racers speeder bikes speeding fines speeding ticket speeding tickets speeding violations speedo styles speeds and feeds speeds beyond that of light speeds greater than light speeds of sound of the elements data page speedskating events speedway racing speedway rider speedway team speedway track speedway world final speedy trial spell book spell casting system spell check spell checker spell checkers spell checking spell codes spell drops spell effect spell energy spell point spell points spell weaver spelled in lowercase spelling alphabet spelling alphabets spelling and grammar checker spelling and pronunciation spelling bee spelling bees spelling checker spelling checkers spelling checking spelling controversies spelling conventions spelling differences spelling errors spelling note spelling of disc spelling patterns spelling reform spelling rules spelling section spelling standards spelling system spelling systems spells in liquid form spells or magical items spencer clarridge spencer moore spend management spend money spend the whole winter months spending bill spending controversy spending limits spending money from spending power spending request spendthrift trust spendthrift trusts spennymoor united spent acid spent caustic spent convictions spent fuel spent fuel cask spent fuel casks spent fuel pool spent fuel pools spent fuel reprocessing spent grain spent mushroom compost spent nuclear fuel spent nuclear fuel rods spent nuclear fuel shipping cask spent nuclear fuel shipping casks spent nuclear reactor spent nuclear reactor fuel spent reactor fuel sperm activation sperm bank sperm banking sperm banks sperm cell sperm cells sperm competition sperm count sperm counts sperm donation sperm donor sperm donors sperm duct sperm granulomas sperm motility sperm nuclei sperm oil sperm packet sperm quality sperm redundancy sperm sack sperm sample sperm storage tubules sperm swallowing sperm transfer sperm tube sperm washing sperm whale sperm whale family sperm whaler sperm whales spermatic arteries spermatic canal spermatic cord spermatic cords spermatic duct spermatic plexus spermatic veins spermatic vessels spermaticus externus spermaticæ internæ spermatogenic competition spermatogenic tissue spermatogonial stem cells spermicidal chemical spermicidal contraceptive jelly spermicidal gel spermidine dehydrogenase spermidine synthase spermine synthase spewing hatred speyside distillery sphagnum bogs sphagnum moss sphagnum mosses sphagnum peat sphagnum peat moss sphecid wasp sphecoid wasps sphenic number sphenic numbers spheno-palatine ganglion sphenoethmoidal recess sphenofrontal suture sphenoid bone sphenoid ridge sphenoid sinus sphenoid sinuses sphenoidal air sinus sphenoidal air sinuses sphenoidal angle sphenoidal bone sphenoidal concha sphenoidal conchae sphenoidal conchæ sphenoidal crest sphenoidal emissary foramen sphenoidal fontanelle sphenoidal lingula sphenoidal process sphenoidal process of sphenoidal rostrum sphenoidal sinus sphenoidal spine sphenomandibular ligament sphenomaxillary fissure sphenopalatine artery sphenopalatine branches sphenopalatine branches of maxillary sphenopalatine foramen sphenopalatine ganglion sphenopalatine notch sphenoparietal sinus sphenoparietal suture sphenopetrosal suture sphenosquamosal suture sphenozygomatic suture sphere bundle sphere bundles sphere eversion sphere eversions sphere of awareness sphere of influence sphere of interest sphere packing sphere packing problem sphere pool sphere ships sphere sovereignty sphere theorem sphere world sphere-filling curve sphere-packing bound spheres of influence spheres of interest spheres or circles spherical 3-manifold spherical aberration spherical aberrations spherical and cylindrical coordinates spherical angle spherical angles spherical astrolabe spherical astronomy spherical bearings spherical cap spherical case spherical cloud of probability spherical cone spherical coordinate system spherical coordinates spherical cow spherical design spherical distance spherical earth spherical epicycloids spherical excess spherical function spherical functions spherical geometry spherical harmonic spherical harmonic addition theorem spherical harmonic coefficients spherical harmonic function spherical harmonics spherical inversion spherical isoperimetric inequality spherical law of cosines spherical lens spherical lenses spherical linear interpolation spherical metric spherical mirror spherical multipole moment spherical multipole moments spherical multipoles spherical panorama spherical perspective spherical plane spherical polar spherical polar angles spherical polar coordinates spherical polygon spherical polygons spherical polyhedron spherical primary mirror spherical product spherical projections spherical range searching spherical reflector spherical shells spherical space form spherical space form conjecture spherical subgroup spherical surface spherical symmetry spherical tiling spherical tokamak spherical triangle spherical triangles spherical trigonometry spherical wave spherical waves spherical wrist spherically symmetric spherically symmetric gravitating object spherically symmetric potential spherically symmetric solution spherically symmetric spacetime spherically symmetric spacetimes sphericon family spheroid halo spheroidal tactile corpuscles spheroidal wave equation spheroidal weathering spheroidized plessite sphincter ani externus sphincter muscle sphincter muscles sphincter of the bile duct sphincter of the pancreatic duct sphincter pupillae sphincter urethrae sphincter urethrae membranaceae sphincter urethrae membranaceae muscle sphincteric compression sphinganine 1-phosphate sphinganine kinase sphingid moths sphingolipid metabolism sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase sphingosine 1-phosphate sphingosine b-galactosyltransferase sphingosine cholinephosphotransferase sphingosine kinase sphingosine kinases sphingosine phosphatase sphinx moth sphinx moths sphygomographic oscillometer spica cast spice agony spice and silk trade spice blow spice bush spice cake spice essence spice islands spice melange spice mix spice mixture spice mixtures spice mélange spice road spice route spice rub spice rubs spice seeds spice trade spice trading spice trance spiced beer spiced beers spiced bun spices brand spices in which he traded spiculated mass spicy buffalo spicy chicken spicy food spicy foods spicy globe basil spider aliens spider angiomas spider angiomata spider beetles spider behavior spider bite spider bites spider crab spider crabs spider diagram spider genus spider goats spider hole spider holes spider lilies spider mites spider monkey spider monkeys spider naevus spider nevi spider orchid Corybas macranthus spider pit sequence spider plant spider plants spider sense spider silk spider super clones spider telangiectasias spider traps spider unit spider veins spider wasp spider wasps spider web spider web formation spider webs spider webs in space spider-like aliens spider-like powers spider-like robots spidering software spiderling plant spiderman 3 spiders having medically significant venom spidery neurons spigot algorithm spigot discharger spigot mortar spigot mortars spike and abortive wave activity spike bands spike bayonet spike bayonets spike fiddle spike fiddles spike firing spike firing characteristic spike hammer spike headed katydid spike inflorescence spike inflorescences spike moss spike piledriver spike rush spike sorting spike strip spike strips spike systems spike tape spike timing dependent plasticity spike timing-dependent plasticity spike train spike-like cluster spike-topped apple snail spike-wave complexes spiked chain spiked deadfall trap spiked helmets spiked mussel spiked pit trap spiked speedwell spiked the town's water supply spiked waves spiked wheel spikes in pricing spiking frequencies spiking neural networks spiking signals spiking solution spiky oreo spill containment spill metric spill the beans spilling of blood spilling oil spilling over spilling radioactive material spilling registers spills the beans public relations spin angular momentum spin away into time and space spin axis spin bordism spin bowl spin bowler spin bowlers spin bowling spin bundle spin coat spin coated spin coater spin coating spin combination spin connection spin connections spin contamination spin control spin cover spin current spin cycle spin density spin density waves spin direction spin doctor spin doctoring spin doctors spin doublet spin drift spin dryers spin dyeing spin echo spin foam spin foams spin forbidden spin functions spin geometry spin glass spin glasses spin group spin groups spin ice spin ices spin injection spin is distributed spin isomers of hydrogen spin kick spin kit spin label spin labels spin locking spin manifold spin manifolds spin matrices spin mesons spin moments spin momentum spin multiplet spin multiplicity spin network spin networks spin off spin off novel spin offs spin operator spin orbit spin orbit coupling spin out spin outs spin polarization spin polarized spin polarized electron energy loss spectroscopy spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy spin quantization spin quantum number spin raising spin recovery system spin relaxation times spin representation spin singlet spin stabilized spin stabilized magnetic levitation spin state spin states spin statistics theorem spin structure spin structure of nucleons spin structures spin sum spin systems spin tensor spin testing spin the bottle spin transfer torque spin transistors spin trap spin trapping spin triplet spin up spin up and spin down spin valve spin valves spin vectors spin wave spin waves spin ½ spin-Dirac operator spin-based electronics spin-c group spin-charge separation spin-dependent pumps spin-flip transition spin-lattice relaxation time spin-off anime series spin-off comic book spin-off companies spin-off fiction spin-off film spin-off material spin-off media spin-off movie spin-off novel spin-off novels spin-off or crossover spin-off programme spin-off series spin-off show spin-off sites spin-off television series spin-off video spin-off volumes spin-orbit coupling spin-orbit coupling constant spin-orbit interaction spin-orbit resonance spin-orbital resonance spin-other-orbit coupling spin-out powerbomb spin-spin coupling spin-spin forces spin-spin interaction spin-spin relaxation time spin-stabilized satellites spin-statistics relation spin-statistics theorem spin-weighted spherical harmonics spina angularis spina bifida spina bifida occulta spina helicis spina scapulæ spina vestibuli spinach and artichoke dip spinach growers spinach latent virus spinach pipefish spinal accessory spinal accessory ganglia spinal accessory nerve spinal accessory nucleus spinal adjustment spinal adjustments spinal anaesthesia spinal anaesthetic spinal anesthesia spinal angularis spinal area spinal board spinal bone injury spinal braces spinal branch spinal bulb spinal canal spinal cavity spinal chord injuries spinal column spinal columns spinal cord spinal cord compression spinal cord damage spinal cord diseases spinal cord injuries spinal cord injury spinal cord segments spinal cord stimulation spinal cord stimulator spinal cord stimulators spinal cord stroke spinal cord trauma spinal cords spinal curvature spinal deformities spinal deformity spinal devices spinal disc spinal discs spinal dura spinal dura mater spinal elements spinal epidural infection spinal fluid spinal fluid analysis spinal fluids spinal fracture spinal fusion spinal ganglia spinal ganglion spinal immobilization spinal injuries spinal injury spinal joint spinal joints are manipulated spinal lemniscus spinal lock spinal locks spinal manipulation spinal manipulative procedures spinal manipulative therapy spinal meningioma spinal mobilization spinal motion segment spinal motor nerves spinal muscular atrophy, distal, with upper limb predominance spinal nerve spinal nerves spinal nucleus of the trigeminal nerve spinal paralysis spinal reflex spinal reflex paths spinal reflexes spinal root spinal roots spinal segments spinal sensitization spinal shock spinal stabilization spinal subarachnoid space spinal subluxations spinal surgeon spinal surgery spinal tap spinal taps spinal tissue spinal trauma spinal trigeminal nucleus spinal tuberculosis spinal tumors spinal vestibular nucleus spinal-bulbar muscular atrophy spinal-cord injury spinalis anterior spinalis capitis spinc structure spincter pupillae spindle apparatus spindle assembly checkpoint spindle axis spindle cell spindle cell cancer spindle cell sarcoma spindle cells spindle checkpoint spindle elimia spindle fiber spindle fibers spindle fibre spindle formation spindle leg spindle moulder spindle moulders or shapers spindle needles spindle neurons spindle palm spindle poison spindle poisons spindle pole bodies spindle router spindle speed spindle turning spindle whorls spindown luminosity spine boards spine cancer spine cars spine crank spine labs spine loach spine of spine of ischium spine of scapula spine of sphenoid bone spine of squama spine of the ischium spine of the scapula spine of the sphenoid bone spine of tibia spine shelving spine trauma spine trumpet fish spined loach spined pygmy shark spined sleeper spinel rubies spineless hornwort spines of spinet organ spinet pianos spiney tailed iguana spinifex grassland Triodia grassland spinifex Triodia grassland spinifex grasslands spinifex hopping mouse spinkwell stone spinnaker chute spinnaker pole spinnaker poles spinner belt spinner dolphin spinner dolphin stenella longirostris spinner dolphins spinner hubcaps spinner play spinner rims spinner shark spinner sharks spinning and weaving machinery spinning back fist spinning back kick spinning backbreaker spinning backfist spinning ball spinning bee spinning bikes spinning chair spinning classes spinning cloth spinning clothesline spinning coaster spinning count spinning dust spinning fate spinning frame spinning gyro tops spinning headscissors spinning headscissors takedown spinning heel kick spinning heel-kick spinning house spinning jenny spinning kick spinning leg sweep spinning liquid mirror spinning lure spinning machine spinning machines spinning mill spinning mills spinning mule spinning mules spinning on its axis spinning out spinning reel spinning reserve spinning reserves spinning reverse slap spinning roller coaster spinning roller coasters spinning shaft spinning side slam spinning sidebands spinning sitout powerbomb spinning stone spinning teacup spinning teacups spinning textiles spinning toe hold spinning top spinning tops spinning toy top spinning wheel spinning wheels spinning woman spinning wool spinning works spino-olivary fasciculus spinocerebellar and pyramidal tracts spinocerebellar ataxia type 13 spinocerebellar ataxia type-6 spinocerebellar tract spinocerebellar tracts spinocervical pathway spinocuneocerebellar tract spinodal decomposition spinoff based on it was made. spinoff movie spinoff projects spinoff television series spinoglenoid ligament spinor bundle spinor bundles spinor field spinor fields spinor group spinor norm spinor representation spinor representations spinoreticular tract spinorial chessboard spinors in three dimensions spinotectal fasciculus spinotectal tract spinothalamic fasciculus spinothalamic tract spinothalamic tracts spinous cells spinous process spinous processes spins pens spinto soprano spinto tenor spintronic materials spinulose woodfern