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stamp duties stamp duty stamp duty land tax stamp duty reserve tax stamp exhibition stamp hinges stamp mill stamp mills stamp mounts stamp numbering system stamp numbering systems stamp of approval stamp on stamp stamp paper stamp paper racket stamp program stamp reprint stamp sand stamp script stamp seal stamp seals stamp separation stamp shows stamp tax stamp thin stamp tongs stamp vending equipment stamp vending machines stamp-issuing authority stamped envelope stamped envelopes stamped metal stampede by pilgrims stamping and pressing stamping die stamping mill stamping plant stamping press stamping stick stampless cover stampless covers stamps cards stanchion barns stand alone stand alone expansion pack stand down stand fire stand in stand ins stand of colours stand off stand on vessel stand succession stand up stand up comedian stand up comedians stand up comedy stand up comic stand up for us stand up paddle surfing stand-alone agency stand-alone application stand-alone applications stand-alone expansion stand-alone movies stand-alone novel stand-alone postpositions stand-alone routines stand-by mode stand-by power supply stand-in actor stand-off attack stand-off missile stand-off weapon stand-off weapons stand-up act stand-up arcade game stand-up bass stand-up career stand-up coaster stand-up coasters stand-up comedian stand-up comedians stand-up comedienne stand-up comedy stand-up comic stand-up comics stand-up fighters stand-up fighting stand-up goaltender stand-up grappling stand-up grappling position stand-up meeting stand-up personal watercraft stand-up poetry stand-up position stand-up roller coaster stand-up roller coasters stand-up routine stand-up style stand-your-ground law standalone application standalone executable standalone film standalone roleplaying game standalone server standard missiles MR missiles standard MR missiles aka regular, or kaishu standard script aka regular, or kaishu script standard aka regular, or kaishu script standard 24-hour day standard 4 2-6-4T standard 52 card deck standard 52-card deck standard 7 school leaving certificate examination standard 8mm film standard acceleration standard acceleration of gravity standard accounting practice standard accounting practices standard addition standard alphabet standard ambient temperature standard ambient temperature and pressure standard analysis standard animated cartoons standard applications standard arguments standard armor standard assumption standard assumptions standard assumptions in astrodynamics standard atmosphere standard atmospheres standard atmospheric pressure standard atomic weight standard atomic weights standard average standard axioms of set theory standard baseball rules standard bases standard basis standard bearer standard bearers standard bike standard blues standard bottle standard bright light therapy standard bus standard can size standard candle standard candles standard cell standard cell libraries standard cells standard character sets standard chess standard chess match standard chess pieces standard class standard class 2 standard class 3 2-6-2Ts standard class 4 standard class 5 standard class 7 standard class 9F standard class libraries standard class library standard classes standard clothing sizes standard code standard code libraries standard commodity contracts standard component standard conceptions of economic value standard concert pitch standard concrete standard condition for pressure standard conditions standard conditions for temperature and pressure standard conditions of temperature and pressure standard configuration standard conjecture standard conjectures standard conjectures of algebraic cycle standard conjectures on algebraic cycles standard constructive interpretation standard containers standard cosmological model standard cosmology standard cost standard cross-cultural sample standard cubic feet standard cubic foot standard cubic meters standard curve standard data model standard day standard deck standard deck of cards standard deduction standard definition standard definition service standard definition television standard deviation standard deviations standard dialect standard diamond-frame standard dice notation standard discus throw standard displacement standard distribution standard diving standard diving dress standard diving dresses standard diving gear standard diving suit standard diving suits standard document standard document object model standard double deckers standard drink standard drinks standard economy standard electrode potential standard electrode potentials standard enthalpies of formation standard enthalpy standard enthalpy change standard enthalpy change of atomisation standard enthalpy change of combustion standard enthalpy change of formation standard enthalpy change of fusion standard enthalpy change of mixing standard enthalpy change of neutralisation standard enthalpy change of reaction standard enthalpy change of solution standard enthalpy change of vaporisation standard enthalpy change of vaporization standard enthalpy of atomization standard enthalpy of formation standard error standard error standard error of estimation standard error of measurement standard errors standard examination standard exams standard exponential map of matrices standard fencing standard flag standard for creativity standard form standard form contract standard form contracts standard form for implicit differentiation standard formalism standard formats standard forms of contract standard free-energy change standard frequencies standard gauge standard gauge railway standard gauged standard genetic code standard german standard grade standard gravitational standard gravity standard header standard heat of reaction standard height standard hemodialysis standard heraldry terms standard horror standard hydrogen electrode standard hydrogen half cell standard image standard inner product standard input standard instrument departure standard intercept tones standard interpretation standard invariant standard issue standard jazz repertoire standard key standard keyboard standard language standard languages standard length standard length standard level standard libraries standard library standard lines standard logic standard luminosity function standard mains plug standard mean chord standard mean chord standard mean ocean water standard measure of strength standard measure space standard measurement uncertainty standard measures standard method of measurement standard methods for producing life-critical avionics software standard metre standard metre bar standard metropolitan statistical area standard missile standard missiles standard model standard model mathematical formulation standard model of cosmology standard model of particle physics standard molar entropy standard morphological classification system standard music notation standard musical notation standard n-simplex standard normal standard normal cumulative distribution function standard normal curve standard normal distribution standard normal distribution function standard normal random variable standard normally distributed standard notation standard object model standard of "correctness" standard of care standard of deferred payment standard of evidence standard of frequency standard of identity standard of judicial review standard of living standard of proof standard of review standard of weights and measures standard op-amp functions standard operating procedure standard operating procedures standard or "European" gauge standard or manual transmission standard orchestration standard order standard out standard output standard output stream standard parabolic subgroup standard parallels standard patent application standard penetration test standard penetration testing standard periodic table standard photometric system standard phrases standard pitch standard pitch diameter standard pitch reference standard platinum resistance thermometers standard playing cards standard poodle standard ports standard potential standard practice standard practice in text messaging standard pressure standard probability theory standard procedure standard procedures standard pronunciation standard quantity standard rack cabinet standard railroad gauge standard rails standard rate turn standard reduction potential standard reduction potentials standard reference works standard representation standard resolution standard riding posture standard ruler standard rulers standard rules standard scalar product standard scale standard scientific models standard score standard scores standard script standard semantics standard set of services standard set theory standard setting standard shot put event standard size standard size bed standard size sheet of paper standard sizes standard social science model standard solar model standard solar models standard solution standard solutions standard state standard states standard statistical methodology standard statistical region standard stock standard streams standard substance standard succession standard surface gravity standard table standard tanks standard tapered thread standard tarot deck standard telephony standard temperature standard temperature and pressure standard temperature and pressure standard temperature and pressures standard terminal arrival standard terms standard test image standard test images standard test tone standard theoretical models standard time standard times standard timing system standard tongue standard track standard transmission standard treatment standard trees standard tube stock standard tuned standard tunes standard tuning standard uncertainty standard uniform standard uniforms standard unit standard unit of value standard units standard upper ontology standard user models standard values of atmospheric pressure standard variable rate standard variety standard versions standard wage standard way standard wheelbase standard width standard windows standard wire gauge standard work standard works standard written chinese standard ‘shared-secret’ authentication model standard-definition television standard-form take-it-or-leave-it contracts standard-gauge track standard-gauge tracks standardbred harness racing standardbred horse standardbred horses standardbred racehorse standardbred trotter standardisation body standardise our way of life and thought standardised acronyms in ichthyology standardised approach operational risk standardised electric locomotives standardised evaluation standardised mortality rate standardised tests standardised variant standardised version standardization body standardization of weights and measures standardization organization standardization process standardized approach standardized approach credit risk standardized approach operational risk standardized browsers standardized certification standardized colors standardized dialect standardized dress standardized examination standardized examinations standardized exams standardized form standardized gauge standardized language standardized moment standardized moments standardized mortality ratio standardized mushaf standardized parts standardized patient standardized pitch standardized test standardized test scores standardized testing standardized tests standardized treatment regimen standardized version standardizing the language standards and practices standards and privileges standards based assessment standards based assessments standards based education reform standards based school standards based system standards based test standards boards standards bodies standards body standards compliance standards compliant standards conversion standards converters standards developing organisation standards developing organizations standards development organization standards development organizations standards document standards for emissions standards for multimedia communications standards mode standards of admissible evidence standards of care standards of evidence standards of identity standards of jazz standards of length and mass standards of living standards of their armies standards organisation standards organisations standards organization standards organizationand standards organizations standards track standards-based assessment standards-based assessments standards-based education standards-based education reform standards-based instructional program. standards-based mathematics standards-based test standards-based web design standby attitude indicator standby databases standby generator standby generators standby mode standby power standby time standing armies standing army standing atop a dog house standing but not operating standing charges standing commitments standing committee standing committees standing corkscrew senton standing crop standing crosses standing current standing desk standing double foot stomp standing eight count standing eight-count standing electromagnetic waves standing end standing fireman's carry flapjack standing foot standing frame standing frames standing high jump standing high jump competition standing high jump event standing in society standing jump standing junior counsel standing long jump standing long jump competition standing long jump event standing lug standing lugsail standing martingale standing military standing moonsault standing moonsault double stomp standing moonsault side slam standing on the head standing on the shoulders of giants standing on the top rope standing operating procedure standing operating procedures standing order standing orders standing ovation standing ovations standing part standing patrol commitments standing portion standing position standing posture standing rib standing rib roast standing rigging standing room standing room only standing rope control standing rules standing seated senton standing shiranui standing shooting star press standing side headlock standing somersault senton standing spinebuster standing start standing starts standing stone standing stones standing switch standing to sue standing triple jump standing triple jump competition standing triple jump event standing up standing up too quickly standing variation standing watch standing water standing wave standing wave ratio standing wave ratios standing waves standing-room only standoff distance standoff weapons standover height standpipe system standpoint feminists standpoint theory standpoint theory. stands a bronze statue stands for nothing stands for- standstill operation standup bass standup comedian standup comedians standup comedienne standup comedy standup comic standup comics stanitsa okrugs stanley cup stanley knives stannary courts stannary law stannary parliament stannary town stannary towns stannate ion stannic acid stannic chloride stannic chlorides stannic oxide stannic sulfide stannous chloride stannous fluoride stannous hydroxide stanol ester stanze vaticane stapedial artery stapedial muscle staph aureus staph infection staph infections staphylinid beetles staphylococcal cysteine proteinase staphylococcus aureus staphylococcus infection staphylococcus scalded skin syndrome staple characters staple cotton staple crop staple crops staple diet staple dish staple fibre staple food staple foods staple foodstuff staple gun staple guns staple ingredients staple meal staple part staple port staple ports staple remover staple right staple town staple towns staple yarns stapled security staples thesis stapling gun * star activity star altitudes star and cloud star and crescent star and delta connections star and galaxy classification systems star anis star anise star aniseed star antiprisms star apple star atlas star atlases star billing star birth star bush star cameras star candidate star candidates star catalog star catalogs star catalogue star catalogues star chamber star chambers star chart star charts star classification star clock star cloud star clouds star cluster star clusters star constellations star corals star coupler star cruisers star daisy star decomposition star designation star designations star destroyers star diagonals star domain star drive star dune star fields star figure star figures star fish star fix star formation star formation activity star formation rate star formation regions star forming star fort star fortification star fortress star forts star freeness star fruit star game star garnet star gates star gazing star graph star height star height problem star hopping star in a reasonably priced car star jasmine star jelly star jumps star knives star layout star lifecycle star light tracking star lilies star lily star lore star magnolia star magnolias star map star maps star naming star network star number star numbers star observatory star parties star party star pentagon star poet star point star points star polychora star polychoron star polygon star polygons star polyhedra star polyhedron star positions star post star posts star power star prime star product star projector star rating system star refinement star route star routes star sapphire star sapphires star scanner star schema star schemas star seed star shaped form star shaped fort star shaped fortifications star shaped fortress star shell star shells star ship star shuriken star sign star signs star spots star system star system star systems star temperature star thistle star topologies star topology star tortoises star tower star tracker star tracker camera star trackers star transits star trap star trek star vampire star vehicle star vehicles star wars star worlds star-convex set star-crossed lovers star-filled cast star-fingered toads star-forming galaxies star-forming regions star-free language star-free languages star-less galaxy star-nosed mole star-nosed moles star-shaped 10" vinyl star-shaped fortifications star-shaped fortress star-shaped object star-shaped polygon star-shaped polygons star-spangled banner starboard lookout starboard side starboard tack starboard trusses and solar arrays starburst activity starburst display starburst galaxies starburst galaxy starch and sucrose metabolism starch conversion starch granules starch indicator starch phosphorylase starch sodium octenylsuccinate starch synthase stardust press stare decisis starfield databases sea stars starfleet uniform stargazy pie staring and intimidation contest staring array staring at the sun staring contest staring match starlet sea anemone starlight problem starlight tour starling and myna starling equation starling temperament starogradska muzika starosta generalny starred first starred restaurant starring roles starry flounder starry gazy pie starry planets starry vaulting stars and stripes starseed lure starship propulsion system start a fire start a system start and park start and stop bits start bit start button start code start codes start codon start codons start date start fires by thought start his own business start line start membership talks start menu start of autumn start of business start of communication start of spring start of summer start of the new millennium start of the series start of winter start page start point start signal start state start team start to explore start up companies start value start-stop modulation start-stop systems start-up capital start-up companies start-up company start-up process start-up ventures started an assault on the city started deliberately started in the region started labor started menstruation started recording material started tasks started to be threatened started under saddle starter bacteria starter culture starter cultures starter deck starter decks starter earring starter fluid starter home starter marriage starter motor starter motors starter pack starter packs starter pistol starter set starter solenoid starter system starthistles and knapweeds starting battery starting conditions starting device starting devices starting five starting flag starting gate starting hand starting hand rank types starting hand shapes starting hands starting lineup starting lineups starting pistol starting pistols starting pitcher starting pitchers starting point starting price starting price bookmaking starting prices starting quarterback starting roster starting rotation starting signal starting system starting the fire starting the war starting tractive effort starting up starting vortex starting young horses startle reaction startle reflex startle response starts to kill people starts to vote startup business startup businesses startup capital startup chime startup chimes startup companies startup company startup curve startup process startup winding starvation mode starve herself starve the beast starve-acre farm starved to death starving artist starving themselves stasis booth stasis chamber stasis dermatitis stasis field stasis fields stasis lock stasis pod stasis pods stasis vault stat camera stat data stat decs stat structure computer science state 5 state a family writ large state action state actor state actors state adjutants general state administration state agencies state agency state aid state alcohol monopoly state and ceremonial state and church state and federal governments state and national polls state and territorial state and territorial legislatures state and territory state and territory parliaments state and union territory state and war flag and ensign state animal state anthem state anthems state apartment state apartments state apparatus state appeals court state arsenal state assembly state assemblyman state assemblywoman state assessment tests state atheism state athletic commissions state attorney state attorney general state auditor state authorities state authority state autonomy theory state award tamilnadu state awards state ban state bank state banks state bar state bar association state bar associations state bars state beaches state bed state benefits state boards state boards of election state bonds state boys basketball tournament state broadcaster state broadcasters state broadcasting state budget state budget problem state budgetary state budgets state bureau of investigation state cabinet state cadre state capital state capitalism state capitalist state capitalists state capitals state capitol state capitol building state caucuses and primary elections state censors state censorship state champions state championship state championship first level state championships state change state changes state channel state chart state charts state child support state china service state church state churches state circuit court state citizenship state coat of arms state college state colleges state commandments state commemorative quarter state committee state committeeman state communism state competition state comprehensive state comprehensive secondary schools state compromise extension attack state comptroller state congress state congressman state congresstional representative state constitution state constitutional state constitutional amendments state constitutional convention state constitutions state control state control of the economy state controlled economy state convention state conventions state corporation state corporatism state corruption state council state coup state court state court system state courts state credit state crest state cricket state crime state crimes state crown state crowns state cult state cup state cups state debt state decoration state decorations state defense force state delegate state department state dependency state description state diagram state diagrams state dinner state dinners state disability state disability insurance state disability programs state disaster area state dispensary system state dress state duma state economy state education state education agencies state education agency state election state election campaign state elections state electoral district state electorate state electorates state electrician state emblem state employee retirement system state enrolled nurse state enrolled nurses state ensign state enterprise state enterprises state equation state equations state establishment state estimation state exam state examinations state exams state executive council state explosion problem state failure state failures state fair state fair employment practices agencies state fairgrounds state fairs state faith state farm state farms state feedback state ferries state firms state flag state flags state flower state flowers state forest state forest preserve state forests state formation state fruit state function state functions state funded state funded schools state funding state funeral state funeral proceedings state funerals state gambling lottery state game lands state games state gods state government state government agency state government appointees state government's state governments state government’s state governor state governors state governors' elections state governorship state grammar state grant state gubernatorial election state gubernatorial elections state health department state health programs state high school state high school basketball championship state high schools state highway state highway 37 state highway 74 state highway 89 state highway department state highway fund state highway numbering system state highway system state highways state historic park state historic site state historic sites state historical marker state holiday state holidays state horse state hospitals state house state house of representatives state housing state identification card state ideology state immunity state implementation plan state income state income tax state income tax returns state income taxes state industries state institution state institutions state interest state interscholastic outdoor track meet championships state intervention state interventionism state land state language state law state law enforcement agency state laws state league state leagues state legislation state legislative state legislative assemblies state legislative assembly state legislative chambers state legislative districts state legislator state legislators state legislature state legislatures state legistlature state level state library state library and archives state license state licenses state line state line between them state local districts state lotteries state lottery state machine state machine approach state machine diagram state machine diagrams state machine replication state machines state management state marriages state marshal state matrix state memorial service state mental institution state military forces state military organisation state militia state militias state minimization state ministers state monad state monopolies state monopoly state monopoly capitalism state month state months state motto state museum state nationalism state natural areas state observer state observers state occasion state occasions state of affairs state of anathema state of being state of calamity state of charge state of civil war state of coma state of consciousness state of constitutional exception state of emergency state of equilibrium state of exception state of life state of matter state of mind state of mind of conversational partners