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submerged river canyon submerged rock submerged sources submerged tissues submerged towpath submerged trees submergence of shorelines submergent coastline submergent coastlines submergent vegetation submerisible rigs submersed aquatic vegetation submersible aircraft carrier submersible bridge submersible bridges submersible chambers submersible craft submersible pump submersible pumps submersible vehicle submersible vehicles submersible vessel submicrometer particles submillimeter astronomy submillimeter radiation submillimeter wavelength submillimetre astronomy submillimetre band submillimetre telescopes subminiature camera subminiature cameras subminiature photography subminimum wage submission artist submission fighting submission grappler submission grappling submission hold submission holds submission maneuver submission maneuvers submission match submission moves submission or mat based wrestling submission style submission techniques submission victories submission wrestling submission-style maneuver submissive behavior submissive partner submissive role submit to his authority submitochondrial particles submitted work for approval submitting jobs Meissner's submucosal plexuses Meissner's plexuses submucosal Meissner's plexuses submucosal plexus submucosal tissue submucous coat submucous tissue subnational "state" subnational administrative divisions subnational designation subnational division subnational divisions subnational enclave subnational entities subnational entity subnational unit subnet mask subnetwork mask subnival zone subniveal layer subnormal series subnormal subgroup subnuclear physics subobject classifier suboccipital muscle suboccipital muscles suboccipital nerve suboccipital puncture suboccipital triangle suboccipital venous plexus subocular scales subodh gupta suborbital artery suborbital biological test fights suborbital fenestra suborbital flight suborbital flights suborbital launch vehicle suborbital reusable launcher suborbital space suborbital spacecraft suborbital spaceflight subordinate clause subordinate clauses subordinate conjunction subordinate court subordinate legislation subordinate officer subordinate officers subordinate organizations subordinate political relationship subordinate proposition subordinate to counties subordinated debt subordinated directly to subordinating conjunction subordinating conjunctions subordinating particle subordination agreement subornation of perjury subpages section subparietal sulcus subperiosteal abscess subperitoneal fascia subpial space subpixel accuracy subpixel rendering subpleural mediastinal plexus subpoena ad testificandum subpoena ad testificum subpoena duces tecum subprime collapse subprime crisis subprime crisis impact timeline subprime lenders subprime lending subprime loan subprime market subprime market. subprime meltdown subprime mortgage subprime mortgage and credit crisis subprime mortgage crisis subprime mortgage financial crisis subprime mortgage meltdown subprime mortgages subpubic ligament subquadratic time subrecursive hierarchies subretinal neovascularization subrhabdomeric cisternae subring test or function subroutine call subroutine prologue subsaharan languages subsartorial plexus subscapular angle subscapular artery subscapular axillary subscapular axillary lymph nodes subscapular fossa subscapular group subscapularis muscle subscribed capital subscriber carrier subscriber line subscriber lines subscriber loop subscriber loops subscriber telephone lines subscriber trunk dialing subscriber trunk dialling subscribing clients subscribing investors subscribing library subscription agreement subscription and authentication parameters subscription book subscription business model subscription channels subscription farming subscription feed subscription fees subscription libraries subscription library subscription list subscription model subscription orders subscription period subscription pricing model subscription publishing subscription radio subscription rights subscription sale subscription school subscription schools subscription service subscription services subscription television subsea construction subsea construction vessels subsea support subsea templates subsea well intervention subsection 52(1) subsequent 21-year civil war subsequent battle subsequent by-election subsequent by-elections subsequent civil war subsequent comic book subsequent comic book series subsequent confiscations subsequent conversion subsequent defeat subsequent dictatorship subsequent election subsequent elections subsequent film subsequent film adaptation subsequent film version subsequent flooding of most of the city subsequent general election subsequent hostilities subsequent incarnation subsequent incorporation subsequent inquest subsequent invasion subsequent investigation subsequent investigations subsequent involvement subsequent leadership convention subsequent leadership election subsequent legislative election subsequent legislative elections subsequent leveling of the whole city subsequent midlands campaign subsequent migration subsequent miniseries subsequent motion picture subsequent movie adaptation subsequent musical subsequent occupation subsequent outpouring of public outrage subsequent playthroughs subsequent rabbinic decisions and writings subsequent referendum subsequent reforms subsequent remedial measures subsequent retreat subsequent riots subsequent run subsequent screen adaptation subsequent screenplay version subsequent season subsequent section subsequent series subsequent siege subsequent television series subsequent tournament subsequent video subsequent wars subsequential limit subsequently divided subsequently filmed subserous areolar tissue subsessile fruits subset analysis subset difference tree subset inclusion subset sum problem subset-sum problem subshift of finite type subshifts of finite type subsidence crater subsidence craters subsidiary alliance subsidiary cells subsidiary chords subsidiary clauses subsidiary companies subsidiary company subsidiary keys subsidiary legislation subsidiary seconds subsidiary stations subsidiary title subsidiary titles subsidised housing subsidising exports subsidized agricultural products subsidized housing subsidized housing market subsidized prices subsidized public housing subsidy in agriculture subsidy lock subsidy locks subsidy press subsidy publishing company subsistence agricultural subsistence agriculturalists subsistence agriculture subsistence agriculural subsistence crops subsistence ecofeminists subsistence economy subsistence farm subsistence farmer subsistence farmers subsistence farming subsistence farms subsistence fisheries subsistence goods subsistence herders and farmers subsistence horticulturalists subsistence level subsistence sector subsistence techniques subsistence theory of wages subsistence wages subsistit in subsists in subsists in or exists in subsolar point subsonic ammunition subspace corridor subspace field harmonics subspace lattice subspace nest subspace radio subspace theorem subspace topology subspecific name subsporangial vesicle subsquamosal fenestra subsquent album substance abuse substance abuse charge substance abuse prevention substance abuse rehabilitation substance abuse treatment and prevention substance abuser substance abusers substance addiction substance and attribute substance causation substance dependence substance disorders substance dualism substance dualist substance flow analysis substance misuse substance monism substance monotheism substance of substance of cerebellum substance of kidney substance over form doctrine substance pluralism substance secernated in the kidney substance theory substance use disorders substandard housing substantia adamantina of substantia ferruginea substantia gelatinosa substantia gelatinosa centralis substantia gelatinosa of substantia innominata substantia innominata of substantia nigra substantia nigra pars compacta substantia propria substantial and accidental forms substantial capacity test substantial completion substantial derivative substantial economic ties substantial equivalence substantial form substantial impact on agriculture substantial migration substantial performance substantial re-write substantial redesign substantial rewrite substantial shareholdings exemption substantial similarity substantial tax cuts substantial truth substantially autonomous substantially true substantival causation substantive democracy substantive derivative substantive due process substantive dyeing substantive law substantive pluralism substantive procedures substantive rationality substantive resolutions substantive rights substantive rules substantive tests substantive title substantive titles substellar region substituent groups substitutability salva veritate substitute character substitute checks substitute chords substitute coffee substitute dominant substitute fielder substitute fielders substitute for blood substitute good substitute goods substitute location substitute parent substitute players substitute professor substitute standard substitute teacher substitute teachers substitute teaching substituted amide waxes substituted amine substituted amphetamine substituted amphetamines substituted decision-making substitutes bench substitution alphabet substitution among items substitution attack substitution bias substitution box substitution boxes substitution cipher substitution ciphers substitution effect substitution effects substitution formula substitution instance substitution instances substitution jutsu substitution matrices substitution matrix substitution method substitution model substitution principle substitution reaction substitution reactions substitution rule substitution rule for integrals substitution rule with a trigonometric function substitution system substitution templates substitution tiling substitution trees substitution-permutation network substitution-permutation networks substitutional impurities substitutional quantification substitutional solid solution substitutional solid solutions substitutionary atonement substitutionary death substitutive nomenclature substitutivity salva veritate substomatal cavity marine biology substrate adhesion molecules substrate affinity substrate bias substrate classification substrate coupling substrate inhibition substrate language substrate languages substrate level phosphorylation substrate mapping substrate phosphorylation substrate specificities substrate specificity substrate steel substrate translocation pathway substrate-level phosphorylation substring index substructural logic substructural logics substructure search subsumption architecture subsumption architectures subsumption relation subsumption resolution subsumption theory of explanation subsurface drainage subsurface drip irrigation subsurface flow subsurface rivers subsurface scattering subsurface utilities subsurface waters subtalar joint subterranean chamber subterranean clover subterranean era subterranean exile subterranean fiction subterranean passageways subterranean river subterranean rivers subterranean stream subterranean structures subterranean termiite subterranean termites subthalamic deep brain stimulation subthalamic nucleus subthalamic tegmental region subthreshold conduction subthreshold leakage subthreshold membrane potential oscillations subthreshold region subtidal shelves subtidal zone subtle bodies subtle body subtle cardinals subtle energy subtle energy field subtle knife subtle levels subtle manipulation subtle physical subtle states of consciousness subtle technology subtract and branch if negative subtracting a “dark frame” subtraction game subtractive adder subtractive color subtractive color mixing subtractive coloring subtractive drawing subtractive method subtractive morphology subtractive notation subtractive primaries subtractive primary subtractive primary colors subtractive synthesis subtractive synthesizer subtreasury plan subtropical "storm" subtropical characteristics subtropical climate subtropical climates subtropical coniferous forest subtropical convergence zone subtropical cyclone subtropical cyclones subtropical depression subtropical desert subtropical dry forest subtropical dry forests subtropical features subtropical forests subtropical grassland subtropical grassland and savanna subtropical gyre subtropical humid subtropical jets subtropical moist broadleaf forest subtropical moist broadleaf forests subtropical moist forest subtropical moist forests subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests subtropical rainforest subtropical regions subtropical ridge subtropical savanna subtropical storm subtropical storms subtropical sundew subtropical wet forests subtropical zone subtype entities subtype polymorphism subtypes in detail subtyping polymorphism subunit fold subunit rotation model suburb community suburb of the same name suburb riots suburban area suburban areas suburban beltway suburban buses suburban center for equal rights suburban city suburban coaches suburban colonization suburban community suburban culture suburban development suburban electric passenger trains suburban electrified service suburban expansion suburban ferry suburban home suburban housing suburban infill suburban line suburban lines suburban malls suburban migration suburban municipality suburban neighborhood suburban neighborhoods suburban network suburban passenger suburban passenger electric trains suburban rail suburban rail electrification suburban rail network suburban rail service suburban rail system suburban rails suburban railway suburban railway line suburban railway lines suburban railway network suburban railway network of suburban railways suburban renewal suburban riots suburban service suburban services suburban spawl suburban sprawl suburban sprawlers suburban train suburban train system suburban trains suburbican see suburbicarian bishopric suburbicarian bishops suburbicarian diocese suburbicarian dioceses suburbicarian see suburbicarian sees suburbicarian title subvalvular aortic stenosis subvention territoriale subventricular zone subventricular zones subversion of state subversion techniques subversive activities subversive association subversive destruction subversive organizations subversive plot subversive rock subviral agent subviral agents subviral satellite subvocal input subvocal recognition subvolcanic fissures subwavelength gratings subwavelength imaging subway access subway and elevated train systems subway and streetcars subway attacks subway car subway cars subway division subway gauge subway genius subway line subway lines subway network subway or underground railway subway party subway platform subway powerhouse subway racing subway rocket subway series subway station subway stations subway stop subway system subway systems subway tile artwork subway token subway tokens subway tracks subway train subway trains subway yard subway-elevated transit line subwoofer enclosures succedent house succeeded in sinking her succeeded to succeeded to the presidency succeeding session succeeds to the presidency succes de scandale success factors success in promoting success stories success that followed the scandal successes and failures in sales of new products successful and prominent songs successful attack successful bid successful boycott successful but disastrous successful campaign successful coup successful coup d'etat successful defence successful effort to expel the union successful evacuation successful exploration successful field test successful franchise successful invasion successful major offensive successful marriage successful military coup successful model of national movement successful motion picture successful movies successful musical of the same name successful nuclear test successful offensive successful olympic bid successful play-off campaign successful plot successful rebellions successful referendum successful revolution successful siege successful slave rebellion successful spin off film successful test successful theme park successful treatment successful trial successfully bombed successfully carried out successfully defended successfully defending the area successfully does successfully employed successfully flown successfully infiltrated successfully killing successfully nominated successfully passed successfully stole successfully stormed the fortifications successfully sued successfully used succession by appointment succession crisis succession crisis beginning from his grandson's reign succession disputes succession law succession laws succession matter succession of bishops succession of cultures succession of green lights succession of rulers succession of states succession of states theory succession of the bishops succession of the crown and kingdom succession of the realm succession order succession planning succession planting succession to a throne succession to the throne succession war successional permanent teeth successional sequence successional stages successional status successional vegetation successive approximation successive authoritarian military dictatorships successive battles successive dictatorships successive dilutions successive dynasties successive extension successive government successive over-relaxation successive overrelaxation successive riots successive terms successive weighting successively won successor cardinal successor cardinal operation successor function successor in title successor operation successor ordinal successor parish successor parishes successor party successor religion successor rights successor state successor state axiom successor state axioms successor state successor states successor technologies successor vertex successors of the successors of the apostles succinate dehydrogenase succinate dehydrogenase succinate semialdehyde succinate-CoA ligase ADP-forming succinate-CoA ligase GDP-forming succinate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase succinct circuits succinct data structure succinct data structures succinct problems succinic acid succinic acid diisopropyl ester succinic acids succinic semialdehyde succinimidyl esters succinyl acetone succinyl-CoA hydrolase succinyl-CoA synthetase succinyl-coA hydrolase succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase succinylcholine chloride succinyldiaminopimelate transaminase succulent leaves succulent plant succulent plants succus entericus succès de scandale such a bird such a law such a movie such a proof such a storm such as such as finches such fears such methods such object such personifications such practices such rights such that such victory suck a dick suck blood suck his thumbs suck it suck out suck their blood sucked into the void sucked through tiny holes sucker family sucker fish sucker hole sucker punch sucker punched sucker punches sucker punching sucker-footed bats suckermouth armored catfish suckermouth catfishes sucking blood sucking him off sucking his thumb sucking it sucking lice sucking louse sucking pig sucking reflex sucking the breast suckler cow suckling babe suckling pig suckling reflex sucks blood sucks her toes sucks their thumb sucre d'orge sucre à la crème sucrose 6-phosphate sucrose 6F-a-galactosyltransferase sucrose 6F-phosphate sucrose a-glucosidase sucrose acetate isobutyrate sucrose dipalmitate sucrose esters of fatty acids sucrose gradients sucrose intolerance sucrose inversion sucrose monopalmitate sucrose octaacetate sucrose phosphorylase sucrose synthase sucrose syrup sucrose-phosphate synthase suction and force pump suction arms suction cap suction cup suction cupping suction cups suction curettage suction dredger suction dredging suction entrapment suction filtration suction gas suction in biology suction temperature suction termination suction volume suction vortex suction vortices suction-aspiration abortion suction-aspiration abortions suctorial pad sudarshan shetty sudden acquired retinal degeneration sudden and rapid extinction sudden antenatal death syndrome sudden approximation sudden attack sudden cardiac death sudden changes sudden climate change sudden crowds sudden death sudden death extra time sudden decrease in bee population sudden hearing loss sudden infant death sudden infant death syndrome sudden ionospheric disturbance sudden oak death sudden sniffer's death sudden stratospheric warming sudden stratospheric warmings sudden victory sudden withdrawal from the spotlight sudden-death extra time sudden-death overtime sudden-death quarter suddenly aged suddenly and deliberately attacked suddenly severed ties suddenly transform into new racial types suddent death sudharshana chakram sudhir patwardhan sudoriferous glands sweat glands sudoriferous sweat glands sudoriferous glands sudoriferous or sweat glands sudoriparous glands sue for peace sue ware sued a dry-cleaner sued for libel sued for peace sued over the contract sues for peace suet pastry suet puddings suez canal sufentanil citrate suffect consul suffect consulship suffect consulships suffer death suffer that fate suffered a defeat suffered a partial fuel meltdown suffered a partial nuclear meltdown suffered coup d'état suffered death and was buried suffered from wildfires or pain suffering or pain suffering servant sufficiency economy sufficiency of disclosure sufficiency principle sufficient but not necessary conditions sufficient cause sufficient condition sufficient conditions sufficient detail sufficient disclosure sufficient nor necessary sufficient reason sufficient snowfall sufficient statistic sufficient statistics sufficient velocity sufficiently advanced technology sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic sufficiently close sufficiently detailed sufficiently diclosed sufficiently disclosed sufficiently large sufficiently large, suitably small sufficiently small region of space suffix array suffix arrays suffix automaton suffix indicating respect suffix tree suffix tree clustering suffix trees suffixed to a verb suffixes or prefixes suffocation gas suffragan bishop suffragan bishopric suffragan bishops suffragan diocese suffragan dioceses suffragan see suffragan sees suffrage movement suffragette movement suffused with an incandescent glow sufi meditation sufi missionaries sufi movement sufi music sufi order sufism poetry sugar acid sugar acids sugar addiction sugar alcohol sugar alcohols sugar ant sugar apple sugar arts sugar beans sugar beet sugar beet processing sugar beet syrup sugar beets sugar bowl sugar bowl sugar bowls sugar bush sugar bushes sugar cakes sugar candy sugar cane sugar cane cultivation sugar cane industry sugar cane mill sugar cane plantations sugar cane press sugar cane waste sugar canes sugar chain sugar cone sugar connection sugar content sugar cookie sugar cookies sugar corporations sugar crash sugar cream pie sugar cube sugar cubes sugar cultivation sugar daddies sugar engineering sugar esters sugar factories sugar factory sugar family sugar free sugar frosted flakes sugar glass sugar glider sugar gliders sugar high sugar house sugar industry sugar levels sugar loaf sugar maple sugar maples sugar marketing sugar mill sugar mills sugar mills, refineries, factories sugar molecules sugar nip sugar of lead sugar on snow sugar packet sugar packet company sugar palm sugar palm tree sugar paste sugar phosphate sugar phosphates sugar pie sugar pill sugar pills sugar pine sugar pines sugar plant sugar plantation sugar plantations sugar planter sugar plums sugar production sugar products sugar refineries sugar refinery sugar refining sugar ring sugar sand sugar sculpture sugar shack sugar snap pea sugar spoon sugar stage sugar sticks sugar strands sugar substitute sugar substitutes sugar syrup sugar tit sugar tits sugar tongs sugar trade sugar transporter sugar-phosphate backbone sugar-phosphate backbones sugar-plum fairy sugarcane bagasse sugarcane borer sugarcane cultivation sugarcane industries sugarcane juice sugarcane mosaic virus sugarcane plantation sugarcane plantations sugarcane processing sugarcane smut sugared almonds sugaring off sugarless gum sugarloaf helm sugars of lead sugary glaze sugary sap sugee cake suggested donation suggested retail price suggested retail prices suggested retail pricing suggesting a slogan suggestio falsi suggestion box suggestion therapy suggestive evidence suggestive lyrics suggestively manipulated suggests that there is a counterpart sugi trees sugou fuseki suhasini kejriwal sui generis sui generis database rights regime sui iuris sui juris suiboku style suicidal attackers suicidal attacks suicidal attempts suicidal behavior suicidal behaviour suicidal gesture suicidal hanging suicidal ideation suicidal ideations suicidal impulses suicidal intent suicidal mission suicidal tactics suicidal tendencies suicidal thoughts philosophical views suicide air attacks suicide assassinations suicide assessment suicide attack suicide attack tactics suicide attacker suicide attackers suicide attacks suicide attempt suicide attempts suicide barrier suicide barriers suicide belt suicide belts suicide boat suicide boat bombings suicide boats suicide bomb suicide bomb attack suicide bomb attacks suicide bomber suicide bomber attacks suicide bomberer suicide bombers suicide bombing suicide bombing attacks suicide bombing of a bus suicide bombings suicide bombs suicide bombs carried by children suicide booth suicide booths suicide bridge suicide by cop suicide by hanging suicide by jumping suicide by police suicide car bomb suicide car bomb exploded suicide car bomb explodes suicide car bomb explosion suicide car bomber suicide car bombing suicide car bombs suicide car-bomb suicide chess suicide crisis suicide cult suicide dive suicide door suicide doors suicide gene suicide gesture suicide girls suicide help line suicide hotline suicide ideation suicide in protest suicide in terrorism suicide in the young suicide inactivation suicide inhibition suicide inhibitor suicide intervention suicide lane suicide letter suicide method suicide methods suicide mission suicide missions suicide note suicide notes suicide operations suicide pact suicide pacts suicide pill suicide pills suicide plancha suicide plane suicide planes suicide prevention suicide rate suicide ritual suicide run suicide senton suicide shifter suicide squeeze suicide squeeze bunt suicide squeeze records suicide style suicide suspension suicide terrorism suicide terrorists suicide truck suicide truck bomb blew up suicide truck-bombings suicide vest suicide watch suicide weapon suicide-bomb attack suicides in teenagers suid alphaherpesvirus 1 suid herpesvirus 2 suing for half of her worth suing the team suiphophosphoric acid suit pants dress pants suit dress pants suit actor suit and tie suit coat suit combination suit combinations suit contract suit jacket suit jackets suit movement suit of armor suit of armour suit of cards suit of clothes suit of hearts suit preference suit rankings suit values suitability for minors suitability for use suitability recommendation suitable for life suitcase bomb suitcase bombs suitcase nuclear bomb suitcase nuclear devices suitcase nuke suitcase nukes suitcase-size bombs suitcase-sized nuclear weapons suite de ballet suite of protocols suite-style rooms suited connectors suites for solo cello suites of the same name suits have no relative value suits of armor suits of armour suka kollus sukhdev rathod sukshma sarira sukshma sharira sulcatone reductase sulci of sulci of heart sulcular epithelium sulcus antihelicis transversus sulcus arteriae vertebralis sulcus arteriæ vertebralis sulcus basilaris sulcus circularis corneae sulcus habenulae sulcus intermedius sulcus limitans sulcus of sulcus of cerebellum sulcus of heart sulcus of ilium sulcus of right atrium sulcus spiralis externus sulcus spiralis internus sulcus tali sulcus terminalis sulcus terminalis of the tongue sulcus tubae auditivae sulcus tubæ sulcus tubæ auditivæ sulcus valleculæ suleparoid sodium sulfa drug sulfa drugs sulfadiasulfone sodium sulfadiazine sodium sulfaloxic acid sulfamerazine sodium sulfamic acid sulfanilic acid sulfate adenylyltransferase sulfate adenylyltransferase sulfate aerosols sulfate agents sulfate anion transporter sulfate attack sulfate ester sulfate ion sulfate minerals sulfate of potash sulfate reducers sulfate reduction