suck out

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Alternative forms[edit]


suck out (third-person singular simple present sucks out, present participle sucking out, simple past and past participle sucked out)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see suck,‎ out.
  2. (poker slang) To win a hand, usually on a showdown, by hitting a card on the turn or river to make a better hand that one's opponent, even though one had a significantly inferior hand on the flop.


suck out (plural suck outs)

  1. (poker slang) An instance of winning a hand by sucking out.
    • 2008, Lee Robert Schreiber, Poker as Life: 101 Lessons from the World's Greatest Game, page 126:
      Poker is not, nor should it be, a passionless, colorless, characterless game; there's too much at stake: money and reputation, perhaps foremost. Miraculous suck-out victories and tragic suck-out beats will always engender a response, good and bad, classy and tacky.