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IRC bot on #wiktionary / Freenode[edit]

know-it-all is the current nickname of a bot we have on our IRC channel (#wiktionary on Freenode).

The commands currently available are:

define <word>[edit]

Output the language and definition line for a word.


<mutante> define Spinnennetz
<know-it-all> 'Spinnennetz' is German: spider web.

lang <code>|<language>[edit]

Get the ISO-639 language codes for a language, or get language name for a code.


<mutante> lang cy
<know-it-all> 'cy' is Welsh - cy wel cym
<mutante> lang Georgian
<know-it-all> The language codes for Georgian are: ka geo kat


Get the number of uncategorized pages on en.wiktionary.


<mutante> uncat?
<know-it-all> There are currently 26 uncategorized pages in en.wiktionary.

gf (Googlefight)[edit]

Compare the number of google hits for 2 words


<mutante> gf foo bar
<know-it-all> Googlefight: 'bar' beat 'foo' with 715,000,000 to 32,100,000 hits.
<mutante> gf "Barack Obama" "Sarah Palin"
<know-it-all> Googlefight: '"Barack+Obama"' beat '"Sarah+Palin"' with 146,000,000 to 56,300,000 hits.

wotd (word of the day)[edit]

Get the current word of the day.


<mutante> wotd
<know-it-all> The word of the day is edentulous.

.geo (where is IP/hostname)[edit]

Try to get latitude and longitude and a Google maps link from an IP or hostname. (experimental, uses


<mutante> .geo
<know-it-all> Lat 37.4249, Lon -122.0074 -,+-122.0074&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=addr
<mutante> .geo
<know-it-all> Lat 30.3037, Lon -97.7696 -,+-97.7696&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=addr

!trans (translate English words to other languages)[edit]

Translate an English word to any other language.


 <edoreld> !trans duck German
 <know-it-all> 'duck' in German is 'Ente' (no language link)