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Wiktionary's Word of the Day features interesting words, terms, and phrases on the Main Page.

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Word of the day
for June 1
nursery n
  1. (countable) A place where nursing (breastfeeding) or the raising of children is carried on.
    1. (by extension) Especially in European countries: a room or area in a household set apart for the care of children.
    2. A place where the pre-school children of working parents are supervised during the day; a crèche, a daycare centre.
    3. A nursery school (a school where pre-school children learn and play at the same time).
    4. (Philippines) The first year of pre-school.
  2. (countable, also figuratively) A place where anything is fostered and growth promoted.
    1. (agriculture, zoology) A place where animals breed, or where young animals are naturally or artificially reared (for example, on a farm).
    2. (horticulture) A place where young shrubs, trees, vines, etc., are cultivated for transplanting, or (more generally) made available for public sale, a garden centre; also (obsolete) a plantation of young trees.
    3. (sports) A club or team for developing the skills of young players.
  3. (countable) Something which educates and nurtures.
  4. (countable, billiards) Short for nursery cannon (a carom shot involving balls that are very close together).
  5. (countable, obsolete, rare) Someone or something that is nursed; a nursling.
  6. (uncountable, obsolete) The act of nursing or rearing.

PointingHand.svg Today is the Global Day of Parents, which is recognized by the United Nations to honour the commitment of parents towards their children.

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Although there were several early attempts to begin a Word of the Day on Wiktionary, the first official WOTD was posted on 10 January 2006.

Considerable opposition to the now wildly popular WOTD was raised, as it was felt that one full year's supply of terms should be prepared before it appeared on the Main Page. That took over a year to happen.

In 2007, the RSS feed was created, then an alternate feed (no longer operational) was later added. In July and August 2007, the WOTD was added to the Wikimedia Daily Article Mailing List.

Also in early 2007, the entries started being marked with {{was wotd}} to prevent duplicates, and an alphabetic index (no longer updated) was added.

No voting process currently exists for deciding the terms that get featured as WOTD. The volunteers managing it use a set of criteria to ensure adequate variety for any given month's batch of WOTDs. For details, please see "Wiktionary:Word of the day/Nominations". Before entries finally make it into the spotlight, they are vetted and tidied up to ensure they are properly formatted and referenced, have suitable quotations, and so on. Only then will they be awesome enough to show to the world!