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float +‎ -y


floaty (comparative floatier, superlative floatiest)

  1. (of a dress) lightweight, so as to rise when the wearer is walking.
  2. (music) light, hypnotic and relaxing.
    • 2005, The Times, Definitely knot one for the wimps[1]:
      All the floaty music in the world could not disguise my grunts as I clenched my teeth and curled my toes to fight the pain.
  3. Having a feeling of extreme calm, as if floating through the air.



floaty (plural floaties)

  1. (informal) A lilo or similar item that floats on water and can be sat on.
    • 8 August 2018, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky in AV Club, Jason Statham fighting a giant shark should be a lot more fun than The Meg
      As an escaped megalodon swims close to a busy beach, we see humanity at its most chompable: chubby kids in floaties, doofuses on pontoons, some dork in a tight Speedo rolling around in one of those big inflatable Zorb balls. But alas, the movie is a gore-free PG-13, and though CGI has long since replaced animatronics as the monster movie’s weapon of choice, one thing hasn’t changed: giant killer fish still look like they’re made of rubber.
  2. (informal) A particle of food, etc. found floating in liquid.
    • 2002, Trena Cole, Charred Souls: A Story of Recreational Child Abuse, page 29:
      I have always loved the way he just walks up and feels free to drink out my glass or bottle of water. I admit, when he was a baby I tried to give him his own sippy cup and avoid the little 'floaties' that little ones leave in your drink.
    • 2011, Judy Reiser, Admit It, You're Crazy!
      [] once the Oreos are gone I can't drink the milk with the floaties in it no matter how much milk is left.
    • Michael Thomas, ‎Joy Thomas, The Quest For The Cold Soda (page 163)
      Ha, try backpacking sometime mister, we drink water that has dirt in it...I mean literally there is dirt in our water bladders (or other floaties like leaves) and we drink it no problem!