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Cardinal numeral[edit]


  1. (US, modern British & Australian, short scale) 1030.
    • 1922-08, S. E. Chapman, "Potentiality of the Infinitesimals", The Pacific coast journal of homœpathy, Vol. 33, No. 8, page 244
      As we have seen that one nought goes to each potency, for the thirtieth potency we will have for the denominator one followed by thirty noughts; or the original drop of drug in one nonillion drops of alcohol!
    • 2001, Raymond E. Fowler, The Melchizedek Connection, ↑ISBN, [ page 70].
      Do ya not be knowin' that there are 10 nonillion atoms within the likes of us?
    • 2011, Desmond Walls Allen, Family History Detective: A step-by-step guide to investigating your family tree, Family Tree Books, ↑ISBN, page 9
      The figure is 1,267,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. In layperson's terms, that's a little over 1.2 nonillion ancestors in the 100th generation.
    • 2012, Jim Berge, Prayer, Quantum Physics and Hotel Mattresses: Dissolving the Barrier Between the Seen and Unseen, Destiny Image Publishers, ↑ISBN, page 44
      Hugh: Just think of the tremendous gravity in a star like the sun. Its mass is a few nonillion pounds. / Henry: Nonillion? Are you making that up? / Hugh: No, it's just one of those things that sticks in my hyperactive brain. A nonillion is a number to the 30th power,...
    • 2012-09-21, Cecil Adams, "The Straight Dope", syndicated column[1]
      Making certain bold assumptions, my assistant Una determined that chilling the sun’s core to below 10 million degrees would require an ice cube 562,000 miles on a side. If you were planning on using standard-sized cubes from your kitchen freezer, you’d need about 45 nonillion of them.
  2. (dated British & Australian, long scale) 1054.
    • 1819, George Gregory, A new and complete dictionary of arts and sciences: including the latest improvement and discovery and the present states of every branch of human knowledge, Volume 1, Collins and Co., page 248
      The first six figures from the right hand are called the unit period, the next six the million period, after which the trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, and nonillion periods, follow in their order.
    • 1837, James Utting, "Of a conjunction of the Sun, Moon, planets, and satellites", The Mechanics Magazine, vol. 26, page 381.
      There may be stars placed at a distance from us so remote, that a body moving with a volicity (sic.) of a nonillion of miles in one second of time, would occupy a nonillion of years in passing from them to our earth!! [Footnote: A nonillion is a million nine times repeated; Its value is equal to unity followed by 54 cyphers.]
    • 1886, Francis Ysidro Edgeworth, "The Calculus of Probabilities Applied to Psychical Research. II.", Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, Volume IV, page 205
      The odds against the observed event having a purely fortuitous origin are a 4trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (a nonillion nonillion) to one — odds to describe whose vastness "number fails."
      4 As I understand, a million million is a billion, a million billion is a trillion, a million trillion is a quadrillion, and so on up to a nonillion.
    • 2009, Henry Gobus, Human Ascent, ↑ISBN.
      Evolution started with an astronomical population explosion in the bacterial phase of five-nonillion†.
      †Gobus defines nonillion as 1054 but has probably mistaken the meaning of nonillion in his sources concerning the number of bacteria. The true figure is 5x1030, i.e. five short nonillion (Whitman et al., 1998).



Antenna, antennae, antennas[edit]

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    • Antennae
    • 1908 Reginald Fessenden, "Wireless telephony", Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, volume 27, issue 1, pages 553 - 629, January 1908.
      From 1898 to 1900 numerous experiments were made on antennae of large capacity and it was found that instead of using sheets of solid metal or wire netting, single wires could be placed at a considerable fraction of the wave-length apart and yet give practically the same capacity effect as if the space between them were filled with solid conductors.
    • 1913 Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, "A discussion on experimental tests of the radiation law for radio oscillators", Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers, volume 1, issue 1, pages 3-10, January 1913.
      When we come to the complicated forms of antennae which we use in practice to-day, it becomes excessively difficult to work out the theory mathematically.
    • 1914 Oliver Lodge, "The fifth Kelvin Lecture: the electrification of the atmosphere, natural and artificial", Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, volume 52, issue 229, pages 333-352.
      At that time it was giving the full 50,000 volts, as measured by the needle spark-gap between the antennae and earth.
    • 2011 G. Brodie, B.M. Ahmed, M.V. Jacob, "Detection of decay in wood using microwave characterization" 2011 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference Proceedings, 5-8 Dec. 2011, pages 1754-1757.
      Based on results from the dielectric probe experiment, a prototype system was developed to measure microwave attenuation and phase delay between two antennae in order to detect fungal decay in wood at equilibrium moisture content.
    • 2012 V. Mishra, T. Singh, A. Alam, V. Kumar, A. Choudhary, V. Dinesh Kumar, "Design and simulation of broadband nanoantennae at optical frequencies", IET Micro & Nano Letters, volume 7, issue 1, pages 24-28, January 2012.
      Contrary to RF antennae, the length of such nanoantennae is shorter than half the operating wavelength for fundamental mode and this happens due to excitation of surface plasmons in the case of latter.
    • 1936 Edwin Howard Armstrong, "A method of reducing disturbances in radio signaling by a system of frequency modulation", Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers, volume 24, issue 5, pages 689-740, May 1936.
      If the distance between stations is such that the signal strength varies appreciably with time then the directivity of the receiving antennas must be greater than two to one.
    • 2012 Y. Li, A. Nosratinia, "Capacity limits of multiuser multiantenna cognitive networks", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, preprint, page 1, March 2012.
      For simplicity of exposition, primary and secondary users are assumed initially to have one antenna, however, as shown in the sequel, most of the results can be directly extended to a scenario where each user has multiple antennas.

And what are we to make of "The Signal Corps' Contribution to the Microwave Antenna Art" which mentions antennas with both meanings? Are we to believe that the author should have used two different spellings in the same document?

No comments[edit]

I did ask Tesla, Edison, Hertz and Marconi as well, but they all took the fifth amendment.


    • 2006 Timothy Duane Schowalter, Insect Ecology: An Ecosystem Approach, page 22 ↑ISBN.
      The overall shape of most insect antennae is elongate and cylindrical, although elaborations into plumose, lamellate, or pectinate forms have arisen many times in different insect lineages.
    • 2009 Dan Brown, Deception Point, page 24, ↑ISBN.
      He put his fingers over his head like two antennas, crossed his eyes, and waggled his tongue like some kind of insect.
    • 2010 Craig S. Charron, Daliel J. Cantliffe, "Volatile emissions from plants", Horticultural Reviews, pages 43-72 ↑ISBN.
      The basis of these relationships lies in the olfactory chemoreceptors of insect antennas...