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  • Name: User: ComparBot
  • Owner: User: Connel MacKenzie
  • Operators: User: Connel MacKenzie
  • Approval: User: SuperlBot/approval archive
  • Purpose: Fill in superlatives, exactly as is currently done manually.
  • Restrictions for generating entries:
    1. Entry must not already exist.
    2. Root form must link the superlative one or two lines after the ===Adjective=== heading.
    3. Inflection can be provided by regular text wikification, or any other template that wikifies terms.
    4. All but the last three two characters of the root form must match the superlative form to be auto-generatred in this manner.
    5. Auto-generated only if there is no other inflected form (e.g. any verb or noun inflection).
    6. ===Adjective=== header of root term must be within an ==English== language section.


  1. Analyze the "latest" XML dump.
  2. Find all words that are linked (text or any template.)
  3. For undefined entries, use a preload template to generate text.
  4. Magic: Upload using the pywikipedia tool as so:
    1. TheCheatBot: Simple noun plurals that are not also third person verbs.
    2. ComparBot: Comparatives.
    3. SuperlBot: Superlatives.
    4. ThirdPersBot: Third person verb forms that are not also noun plurals.
    5. TBD: PresentPartBot: Present participles that are not adjectives (manual list verification.)
    6. PastBot: Past and Past participles that are regular, i.e. match each other.
    7. TranslationBot: Foreign language entries from list of de-wikified languages from WT:ELE.
    8. TBD: PluralThirdsBot: Noun plurals that are also third person verb forms.
    9. TBD: RedirectBot: Fill in uppercase/lowercase missing redirects.