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Status: Unlikely. Wiktionary:Beer parlour archive/March 06#Request for bot status: TranslationBot


  1. Analyze the "latest" XML dump.
  2. Find all words that are linked (text or any template.)
  3. For undefined entries, use a preload template to generate text.
  4. Magic: Upload using the pywikipedia tool as so:
    1. TheCheatBot: Simple noun plurals that are not also third person verbs.
    2. ComparBot: Comparatives.
    3. SuperlBot: Superlatives.
    4. ThirdPersBot: Third person verb forms that are not also noun plurals.
    5. TBD: PresentPartBot: Present participles that are not adjectives (manual list verification.)
    6. PastBot: Past and Past participles that are regular, i.e. match each other.
    7. TranslationBot: Foreign language entries from list of de-wikified languages from WT:ELE.
    8. TBD: PluralThirdsBot: Noun plurals that are also third person verb forms.
    9. TBD: RedirectBot: Fill in uppercase/lowercase missing redirects.