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Hello, welcome to Wiktionary, and thank you for your contributions so far.

If you are unfamiliar with wiki editing, take a look at Help:How to edit a page. It is a concise list of technical guidelines to the wiki format we use here: how to, for example, make text boldfaced or create hyperlinks. Feel free to practice in the sandbox. If you would like a slower introduction we have a short tutorial.

These links may help you familiarize yourself with Wiktionary:

  • Entry layout (EL) is a detailed policy documenting how Wiktionary pages should be formatted. All entries should conform to this standard. The easiest way to start off is to copy the contents of an existing page for a similar word, and then adapt it to fit the entry you are creating.
  • Our Criteria for inclusion (CFI) define exactly which words can be added to Wiktionary, though it may be a bit technical and longwinded. The most important part is that Wiktionary only accepts words that have been in somewhat widespread use over the course of at least a year, and citations that demonstrate usage can be asked for when there is doubt.
  • If you already have some experience with editing our sister project Wikipedia, then you may find our guide for Wikipedia users useful.
  • The FAQ aims to answer most of your remaining questions, and there are several help pages that you can browse for more information.
  • A glossary of our technical jargon, and some hints for dealing with the more common communication issues.
  • If you have anything to ask about or suggest, we have several discussion rooms. Feel free to ask any other editors in person if you have any problems or question, by posting a message on their talk page.

You are encouraged to add a BabelBox to your userpage. This shows which languages you know, so other editors know which languages you'll be working on, and what they can ask you for help with.

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wiktionarian! If you have any questions, bring them to the Wiktionary:Information desk, or ask me on my talk page. If you do so, please sign your posts with four tildes: ~~~~ which automatically produces your username and the current date and time.

Again, welcome!

Also, note that there are robots adding interwiki links, so it isn’t very useful if you do it by hand. It doesn’t hurt either, of course. H. (talk) 10:17, 28 September 2007 (UTC)


Regarding your edit to Template:ja-ichi: just so you know, we don't generally do that here. Instead, we add a link from the template page to the talk-page, as at Template:form of. (This goes with how our {{temp}} template links to a template's talk-page rather than to the template page itself.) Not a big deal, though. :-) —RuakhTALK 03:33, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

Yes, Connel M has explained me that. It's a different policy from . I will see if I will add my links on talk page :)
PS : What is the reason of this policy ? Ftiercel 04:39, 14 February 2008 (UTC)
One reason is that we protect templates that are included in a lot of pages. By putting the documentation on the talk-page, we let all editors help improve it. Another reason is that whenever you edit a template pages, even if your change is within <noinclude>…</noinclude>, the server re-computes all pages that include the template, so we prefer not to edit template pages more than necessary. Finally, it's just how we do it; most wikis put documentation on the template itself, but there's no obvious benefit to that way. Granted, there's a benefit to doing things the way most wikis do; but we're an ornery group. :-P —RuakhTALK 23:34, 14 February 2008 (UTC)
Et, ça fait assez de temps que je ne parle pas français, donc j'essaierai ici. :-)   Une raison est qu'on protège ici les modèles qui se comprennent en beaucoup de pages. En mettant la documentation à la page de discussion, on permet à tous les contribueurs de les modifier. Une autre raison est que chaque fois qu'une modèle se modifie, même si le changement est entre <noinclude> et </noinclude>, le serveur réévalue toutes les pages qui la comprenne, donc on ne préfère pas modifier les modèles plus qu'il n'est nécessaire de le faire. Enfin, c'est simplement notre façon d'être ; la plupart de wikis mettent de la documentation à la page de modèle elle-même, mais il n'y a pas d'avantage évident en faisant ainsi. Bien entendu qu'il existe un avantage en faisant comme la plupart de wikis; mais on est un groupe obstiné ici. :-P —RuakhTALK 23:44, 14 February 2008 (UTC)
OK :) Ftiercel 10:09, 15 February 2008 (UTC)