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See -centrism.


VAXocentrism (uncountable)

  1. (computing, slang, rare) The incorrect assumption that certain behaviours and memory storage conventions of the VAX (a computer system of the 1970s) are applicable on all computer architectures.
    • 1991, "Jay Maynard", Segmented Architectures ( formerly Re: 48-bit computers) (on newsgroup comp.arch)
      There's nothing that says that array elements in FORTRAN - or, for that matter, C - have to be contiguous. Thinking that that must be true as a matter of Natural Law is purest VAXocentrism.
    • 1993, "David P. Murphy", modifying a literal string in C code (on newsgroup vmsnet.alpha)
      i've long insisted that everyone here at NPRI *always* redefine that psect to be readonly under VAX/VMS . . . our code gets ported to other platforms, and it would be definite vaxocentrism to assume that literal strings are writable.