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See -centrism.


VAXocentrism ‎(uncountable)

  1. (computing, slang, rare) The incorrect assumption that certain behaviours and memory storage conventions of the VAX (a computer system of the 1970s) are applicable on all computer architectures.
    • 1991, "Jay Maynard", Segmented Architectures ( formerly Re: 48-bit computers) (on newsgroup comp.arch)
      There's nothing that says that array elements in FORTRAN - or, for that matter, C - have to be contiguous. Thinking that that must be true as a matter of Natural Law is purest VAXocentrism.
    • 1993, "David P. Murphy", modifying a literal string in C code (on newsgroup vmsnet.alpha)
      i've long insisted that everyone here at NPRI *always* redefine that psect to be readonly under VAX/VMS . . . our code gets ported to other platforms, and it would be definite vaxocentrism to assume that literal strings are writable.