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From (da) Vinci +‎ -an.


Vincian (comparative more Vincian, superlative most Vincian)

  1. Of, from or relating to Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), Italian artist and polymath.
    • 1980, Carlo Zammattio, ‎Augusto Marinoni, ‎Anna Maria Brizio, Leonardo the Scientist, page 82:
      Some writings and titles in Spanish on the Vincian manuscripts still remind of that expatriation.
    • 1991, Antonio Toscano, Interpreting the Italian Renaissance: Literary Perspectives, page 114:
      Kenneth Clark did a study of Vincian machines in 1935.
    • 1994, H. Floris Cohen, The Scientific Revolution: A Historiographical Inquiry, page 445:
      Needham's way to catch the opposition has been to say "that Chinese science and technology remained until late times essentially Vincian, and that the Galilean break-through occurred only in the West.
    Synonym: da Vincian