Web 3.0

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As a progression from Web 2.0.

Proper noun[edit]

Web 3.0

  1. (Internet) The predicted third generation of the World Wide Web, usually conjectured to include semantic tagging of content.
    • 2008, Christian Fuchs, Internet and society: social theory in the information age
      Web 3.0 does not yet exist, but it shines forth in online cooperation. [...] Web 3.0 technologies like wikis are not only communicative, but also cooperative.
    • 2008, Bradley L Jones, Web 2.0 Heroes: Interviews with 20 Web 2.0 Influencers
      Stepping back to the Web topics, what are your thoughts on Web 3.0, the Semantic Web?
    • 2008, P Candace Deans, Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends
      Even though Web 2.0 has not been fully implemented, there are talks of Web 3.0 and what the future may hold. Many predict it will be the Semantic Web...
    • 2009, Sigrid Baringhorst, Political Campaigning on the Web
      Some people already think about what is happening with the Web 3.0, the semantic web, the Internet of things, for instance.