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Disclaimer: This page does not yet reflect community policy. If you want to discuss or contribute to the development or adoption of this potential policy you are encouraged to do so on the discussion page.

Hawaiian edition of Wiktionary
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Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken in Hawaiʻi. This page details standard practice to be followed on all Hawaiian entries.


Macrons (¯) & the ʻokina (ʻ) should always be used in page titles. In the standard orthography, ʻ (U+02BB) is the only accepted mark for the ʻokina, not ', , or ʼ. In issues of <k> vs <t> or <w> vs <v>, the standard spelling should be lemmatized while the alternative spelling should link to it.

Stative verbs and adjectives[edit]

Stative verbs could be compared to unary predicates of the predicate calculus and their definitions tend to be English adjectives rather than English verbs, though an implicit copula can be assumed to be there. The standard for dictionaries and grammars of Hawaiian is to treat anything that may be thought of as an adjective as a stative verb instead. Wiktionary does not include entries for adjectives in Hawaiian.