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Northern Sami is written in the Latin script : a · á · b · c · č · d · đ · e · f · g · h · i · j · k · l · m · n · ŋ · o · p · r · s · š · t · ŧ · u · v · w · z · ž

Note that the dental fricative must be noted "đ" and not "ð".

Overlong consonants[edit]

The character ' is sometimes used in dictionaries to indicate that the consonant is "overlong". The pronunciation does not differ from a regular long consonant in modern Northern Sami. However, the consonant still has a distinct type of consonant gradation, so dictionaries include this for pedagogic purposes in order to allow the user to deduce the correct declension of the word. Wiktionary follows this practice, by showing it in the form of a word that is displayed in the headword line or in inflection tables. It is not included in the name of the entry itself, because Northern Sami is ordinarily not written with such overlong marks.

So, the entry for the word ealli will be named as such, but its headword line and inflection table will display eal'li.