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The purpose of this program is to match experienced contributors with new contributors to Wiktionary to assist in the learning process. The mentors are expected to check in on their mentees, provide encouragement and constructive criticism when needed, and respond to questions.

Two focus points are the CFI or Criteria for inclusion, which lay out the principles for including and excluding words, and the ELE or Entry layout explained, which provides the basic structure of entries.

How can I participate?[edit]

To request a mentor, edit this page (press the "edit" tab at top) and sign your username (by typing ~~~~) under the Mentees heading. Alternatively, you can contact one of the mentors under the Mentors heading below. To send a message, click the "talk" link next to their name, and click the "Email this user" link at left (under Toolbox).

Those willing to be mentors can sign under #Mentors or contact someone listed under #Mentees.


Sign your username below the other names and add which languages you would like to start contributing for. For example:

# ~~~~ '''(English, German, Latin)'''
  1. Green tick pointed.svg User:Frankjh - mentor: Metaknowledge (talkcontribs)
  2. 12:50, 16 January 2019 (UTC) (English, German)
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -


Sign your name with {{user}} and add which languages you feel comfortable enough with and want to mentor in (but you can mentor someone who speaks other languages if no-one else is available). Alternatively, you can contact someone who signed their name above or just skip the bureaucracy and offer being a mentor to a promising beginner. You can have more than one mentee; once you have enough you can cross out your name with <s>. If you don’t want to participate in the program any more, please remove your name from the list.

  1. Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV (talkcontribs) (English, Portuguese, Spanish)
  2. BenjaminBarrett12 (talkcontribs) (English, Japanese)
  3. Metaknowledge (talkcontribs) (Latin, English-based creoles and pidgins, Polynesian languages, scientific vocabulary)
  4. DCDuring (talkcontribs) (English, occupational vocabulary)
  5. Atitarev (talkcontribs) (Russian, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, happy to talk about other languages in my Babel list or outside it if you can't find a mentor)
  6. Daniel Carrero (talkcontribs) (Portuguese, English)
  7. -

Opting out[edit]

If you want to end your current program for some reason (such as not wanting to contribute anymore, wanting another mentor, or if you think you’ve learned enough and can move on without one), send your current mentor a message telling them that you want to end your program.