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Welcome to the WikiProject Medicine. This project aims to enable Wiktionarians (and all Wikimedians) to cooperate, organize, make suggestions and share ideas on the improvement of the medicine and health-related entries of Wiktionary, with our goal being the creation of a world-class dictionary of medical terminology. Everyone is welcome to join in this endeavor (regardless of medical qualifications!). Note: please review Wiktionary:Medical disclaimer.


Public domain medical dictionary terms[edit]

Our current primary effort is in the incorporation of definitions for words from five leading public domain medical dictionaries:

The inclusion of two editions of Dorlands, which is the premier medical dictionary, is to eliminate scanning errors from our results lists.

Visviva has compiled lists of these terms by number of dictionaries containing them:

By priority, with words in at least two of the dictionaries, with at least one prior incoming link, that also have entries in the small, largely nontechnical WordNet lexicon.


Wikipedia medical terms[edit]

See the Wikipedia category for medical terms.

other things[edit]