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Word of the day for August 18
honey plant n
  1. (beekeeping) Any plant, all of them eudicots, from which bees usually collect nectar, pollen, or both for making honey.
  2. (botany) The name of a number of unrelated plants.
    1. A plant of the genus Hoya, especially the porcelainflower or waxplant (Hoya carnosa) from the tendency for excess nectar to drip from its flowers.
    2. A plant of the genus Melissa, especially lemon balm (Melissa officinalis).
    3. Bishop's weed or false Queen Anne's lace (Ammi majus).
PointingHand.svg Today, the third Saturday in August in 2018, is National Honey Bee Day in the United States, which was started by beekeepers in 2009 to build awareness about the bee industry.
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