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Winnipeg +‎ -er


  • IPA(key): /ˈwɪnəˈpɛɡəɹ/
  • Hyphenation: Win‧ni‧peg‧ger


Winnipegger (plural Winnipeggers)

  1. A native or resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    • 1880, “The Red River of the North” in Harper's, v 60, n 360 (May), p 814:
      When a Winnipegger gets his wagon stuck in one of them, he loosens the the traces and lets the horses scramble out; and then, pulling off his clothes, goes in to extricate the vehicle, which, by the skillful use of ropes, he usually accomplishes.
    • 1884, The Mail, Toronto, 24 Oct 1884.
      Our tears were shed on behalf of the Winnipegger who has himself photographed in the shaggy buffalo coat.
    • 1948, H. L. Mencken, "What the People of American Towns Call Themselves," American Speech, vol 23 no 3/4 (Oct-Dec).
      A citizen of Albert Lea, Minn., calls himself an Albert Lean; . . . one of Winnipeg, Man., is a Winnipegger.
    • 2007, Paul Friesen, "Wheat King crowned", Winnipeg Sun, Fri 11 May 2007.
      The 19-year-old Winnipegger just signed his first pro hockey contract, a three-year deal with the Colorado Avalanche.