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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old English ġeohholmōnaþ, Iūlmōnaþ (December, literally Yule-month), equivalent to Yule +‎ month. Compare German Julmond (Yulemonth).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (rare) The typical month of the Yuletide; the month in which Yule typically occurs; Christmas month; December.
    • 1899, Alexander Tille, Yule and Christmas:
      Notwithstanding his assertion that December 25 was originally called Yule, and that December and January from it received their names as the earlier and later Yulemonth, there is not a single case, prior to the eleventh century, in which December 25 was called Yule.
    • 2010, Richard Argent, Winter's Knight:
      To go out during the dark hours before 'Yule-month' arrived was suicide. Even Norman lords and their houseswains would not venture out of the village on such nights as these.