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Zelda +‎ -esque


Zeldaesque (comparative more Zeldaesque, superlative most Zeldaesque)

  1. (video games) Reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda series of fantasy action adventure video games.
    • 1993, "John Brooks", Need another game like Zelda III (on Internet newsgroup rec.games.video.nintendo)
      SoulBlazer is a very good game! It is very Zeldaesque.
    • 1998, "C-Coal", Final Fantasy Adventure Map (on Internet newsgroup alt.games.final-fantasy
      The combat system is unique, somewhat Zeldaesque, but with an experience point system.
    • 1999, "Wyvern", Nostalgia (on Internet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry)
      That game was simply titled "Jurassic Park" as[sic] was totally different from the SNES game where you ran around the complex killing raptors and trying to get to the helicopter in a Zeldaesque game.
    • 2001, "Scott McDonnell", game engine? (on Internet newsgroup comp.games.development.design)
      You pretty much build your story using timelines (like you would do for a presentation) you can download a demo game from them that is kinda Zeldaesque.