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  • (Friesland) First attested as Suydthorn in 1718. Compound of zuid (south-, southern) and horn (corner).
  • (Groningen) First attested as hurum in 1338. Compound of zuid (south-, southern) and horn (corner). The oldest attestation appears to be the dative plural form of horn, formed by analogy with similar toponyms nearby. The element zuid was added to distinguish the settlement from Noordhorn.


  • Hyphenation: Zuid‧horn

Proper noun[edit]

Zuidhorn n

  1. A hamlet in Ooststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands.
    Synonym: Súdhoarne (Frisian, unofficial), Zuudhorn (Low Saxon, unofficial)
  2. A village and former municipality of Westerkwartier, Groningen, Netherlands.
    Synonym: Zuudhörn (Low Saxon, unofficial)