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a-schwa (plural a-schwas)

  1. the vowel [ɐ], which lies between [a] and [ə] (true schwa)
    • 2003, John R. Rennison and Friedrich Neubarth, An x-bar theory of Government Phonology, Living on the Edge, 28 Papers in Honour of Johnathan Kaye, Mouton de Gruyter, ISBN 3-11-017619-X, page 128:
      Fact is that non-low vowels before /R/ are lowered or form falling diphthongs with an a-schwa, which apparently calls for a spreading analysis.
    • Dorit Ravid et al., Core morphology in child directed speech, Corpora in Language Acquisition Research: History, methods, perspectives, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, page 35:
      Similar to German, the a-schwa plural suffix may combine with Umlaut, and Umlaut can also be the only plural marker (ie "combine with zero").