a huevo

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  • IPA(key): /aˈwebo/, [aˈweβo]


a huevo

  1. (colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua) forcedly having no choice and with great effort
    A huevo nos tocó que cargar el piano - We had to carry the piano, having no choice
    A puro huevo
    A puro huevo logré terminar los ejercicios - I managed to finish the exercises with an inhuman effort, having no choice
  2. (colloquial, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador) very cheap
  3. (colloquial, Spain) within reach, easily achievable
    Venga, que te lo he puesto a huevo.


a huevo

  1. (colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, México) That's so true!
    ¡A huevo! ¡Se me había olvidado! - That's so true! I forgot about it!