fuck yeah

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fuck yeah

  1. (slang, vulgar) An exclamation used to express agreement, joy, satisfaction, etc.
    • 2019 May 12, Alex McLevy, “Westeros faces a disastrous final battle on the penultimate Game of Thrones (newbies)”, in The A.V. Club[1]:
      Honestly, the pivot from “fuck yeah!” (Daenerys laying waste to the Iron Fleet, then blasting the front gate of the city open from the inside, demolishing the lion’s share of the Golden Company in the process) to “Oh, dear god, no” (Dany and Grey Worm laying waste to everything after) was as solid a rug pull as could be hoped for.
    Do I wanna go snowboarding with you this weekend? Fuck yeah!
    Fuck yeah! I just scored front-row tickets to the concert!