a kutya ugat, a karaván halad

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Literally: "the dog barks, the caravan proceeds"


  • IPA(key): [ɒˈkucɒ ˈuɡɒt ɒˈkɒrɒvaːn ˈhɒlɒd]
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a kutya ugat, a karaván halad

  1. the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on

Further reading[edit]

  • [1] According to this source, this was said in Hungarian first by Ferenc Pulszky and it comes from the Turkish language.
  • [2] This website explains the following: İt ürür kervan yürür - An ancient Turkish proverb. Its first known occurrence is in Muhammad Shaybani Khan's "Divan" (a collection of poems, 1608-09). It is an assertion, with some irony, that "You are too insignificant to influence the course of events that surround you," i.e. "You're not such a big deal."