a llorar a la llorería

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Literally, [go] to cry at the crying-space


  • IPA(key): (most of Spain and Latin America) /a ʝoˌɾaɾ a la ʝoɾeˈɾia/ [a ʝoˌɾaɾ a la ʝo.ɾeˈɾi.a]
  • IPA(key): (rural northern Spain, Andes Mountains) /a ʎoˌɾaɾ a la ʎoɾeˈɾia/ [a ʎoˌɾaɾ a la ʎo.ɾeˈɾi.a]
  • IPA(key): (Buenos Aires and environs) /a ʃoˌɾaɾ a la ʃoɾeˈɾia/ [a ʃoˌɾaɾ a la ʃo.ɾeˈɾi.a]
  • IPA(key): (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) /a ʒoˌɾaɾ a la ʒoɾeˈɾia/ [a ʒoˌɾaɾ a la ʒo.ɾeˈɾi.a]

  • Syllabification: a llo‧rar a la llo‧re‧rí‧a


a llorar a la llorería

  1. (neologism) cry someone a river