a whole nother

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Alternative forms[edit]


Insertion of whole into another by tmesis.


a whole nother

  1. (informal, proscribed) An entirely different; an intensified version of another.
    • 1890, Mary Louisa Molesworth, The Mysterious Guide, in the collection, The Story of a Spring Morning, p. 315.
      "I don't know what we shall do if we have to be a whole 'nother day in the house and in the dark."
    • 1976, Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins, A Whole Nother Thang, album title. Quoted in Wikipedia A Whole Nother Thang.
    • 1979, Micheal Ende, The Neverending Story, p53, a Standard American English Translation
    • 1998, Gayl Jones, The Healing, page 18:
      But that's a whole nother story.
    • 2001, Thulani Davis, 1959, page 282:
      It's a whole nother bunch of folks over beyond the trees 'cross the tracks.
    • 2003, Henry Rollins, as quoted in Michael W. Dean, $30 Music School, Thomson Course Technology, page 457, ISBN 1592001718
      The problem is that when you physically try to impede my progress—then it moves up to a whole 'nother level that you probably can't handle me on.
    • 2005, Margo Lanagan, Rite of Spring, in Gavin J. Grant, Ellen Datlow, & Kelly Link, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, p19
      A lazy blueness, from a whole nother age, is spread all above me.