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Translingual: from Hebrew אָבָק(dust), and from Ancient Greek μαντεία (manteía, prophecy).


abacomancy (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Divination using dust, dirt, silt, sand, ashes, or smoke. Patterns in the medium under various circumstances are interpreted to envision future events.
    • 2015, Selena Thane, Jinn Benevolence: Tuath Dé[1], Smashwords:
      Hekuba planned every single day of Calliope, Gadukz's and even to a lesser amount Castor's life since the moment one of the royal Slaugh foresaw their union with her powers of Abacomancy.
    • 2016, P.L. Jones, Into the Shadows: A Rosedown Seminary Novel[2], Archway Publishing, →ISBN:
      "I have asked for a close colleague of mine to come and perform a small abacomancy."