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From abandon +‎ -ness.


abandonness (uncountable)

  1. The state, quality, or condition of abandon; abandonment
    • 1888, Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald, The Life and Times of John Wilkes M.P. Lord Mayor of London and Chamberlain, 2:
      Ten thousand particulars are now told of the female historian's insolence, capriciousness, and even abandonness.
    • 1899, The Choctaw - Volume 1 - Page 23:
      Here they can be grown at almost all seasons and almost without attention; here they can be grown without labor or effort — grown wild and in wanton abandonness.
    • 1967, Madras Information - Volume 21 - Page 349:
      With an abandonness Thirumathi Ananthanayaki said 'Perhaps we have developed immunity to these poisons (from adulterants) that is why we do not seem to have much ill effects'.
    • 2005, Robert L. Perkins, Upbuilding Discourses in Various Spirits - Page 186:
      Because nobody takes care of lilies of the field one can see that someone makes them grow; that is one of the reasons why the apparent "abandonness" and insignificance of the lilies is important for upbuilding.

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