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From Middle English abiden, from Old English ābīdan (wait),[1] from ā + bīdan (to bide, remain)[2][3] + ance.


  • (US) IPA(key): /əˈbaɪd.n̩s/, /əˈbaɪd.n̩ts/


abidance (plural abidances)

  1. The act of abiding or continuing; abode; stay; continuance; dwelling. [Early 17th century.][5]
  2. Adherence; compliance; conformity. [Early 19th century.][5]
    • 1840, Thomas Fuller, The history of the holy war[1], page 262:
      No wonder then, though the Christians had no longer abidance in the holy hill of Palestine (though this I confess, is but the bark of the text), driving that trade wherewith none ever thrived, the breaking of promises; wherewith one may for a way fairly spread his train, but he will moult his feathers soon after.
    • 1862, Sir Arthur Helps, Organization in daily life: an essay[2], page 78:
      A judicious abidance by rules, and holding to the results of experience, are good; but not less so, are a judicious setting aside of rules, and a declining to be bound by incomplete experience.



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