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abscond +‎ -ence


  • (US) IPA(key): /æbz.ˈkɑn.dn̩ts/, /æbz.ˈkɑn.dn̩s/, /æb.ˈskɑn.dn̩ts/, /æb.ˈskɑn.dn̩s/
  • (file)


abscondence (plural abscondences)

  1. (rare) The act of absconding, or illicitly escaping; hiding of a fugitive. [First attested in the late 19th century.][1]
    • 1976, Henry R. Rollin, “The care of the mentally abnormal offender and the protection of the public”, in Journal of Medical Ethics, DOI:10.1136/jme.2.4.157:
      Security as a result became a thing of the past, and as a corollary, abscondences rose dramatically.
    • 1998, Compulsory treatment for alcohol use disorders[1], page 315:
      The staff feared that earlier transfer to unlocked units would increase the abscondence.


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