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academic art (uncountable)

  1. (art) A style of art influenced by European art academies, especially one which lacks innovation or individualism; academism.
    • 1873, Mrs. Charles Heaton, A concise history of painting, Bell and Daldy, pages 511-512:
      After a three years’ study in Italy, where he [Benjamin West] became imbued with the traditions of Academic art, but remained curiously insensible to the real excellences, especially that of colour, of the old masters, […]
    • 1917, Frederick Wellington Ruckstull, "A Standard of Art Measurement, Part I", The Art World: Volume 1 Number 5, February 1917, page 327:
      So let me finally quote again from Véron who made a bitter fight against the fossilism of the old Academic Art of his day, one who may be said to be the real father of modern Individualism in æsthetics, and the best friend that mere “technicians” ever had.