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a- +‎ clang


aclang (not comparable)

  1. Clanging.
    • 1953, May Davies Martenet, Taw Jameson, Alfred A. Knopf (1953), page 143:
      His rumpled clothes were streaked with soot from the day-coach of the Richmond train that could be heard now, bell aclang, grinding away from the southbound side of the depot.
    • 2001, Michael Lynch, The Casinghead Company, Authors Choice Press (2001), →ISBN, page 439:
      This morning church bells were ringing too. Aclang all over the city and not to summon the faithful.
    • 2006, Alan Scherstuhl, "War's a Picnic", The Pitch, 29 June 2006:
      Yes, under director Sidonie Garrett, this show is crisp in its action, plush in its pageantry, and all aclang with speeches and swordplay.
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