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From acro- +‎ -phone.


acrophone (plural acrophones)

  1. (linguistics, archaeology) The first sound of a word, or a glyph used to represent the first sound of the word it represents
    • 1999, G. Brian Thompson et al., “Learning correspondences between letters and phonemes without explicit instruction”, in Applied Psycholinguistics, DOI:10.1017/S0142716499001022:
      There were three classes of predicted knowledge sources: (a) induced sublexical relations (i.e., induction of orthographic–phonological relations from the experience of print words), (b) acrophones from letter names, and (c) transfer from spelling experience.
    • 2006, Gordon James Hamilton, The origins of the West Semitic alphabet in Egyptian scripts[1], page 26:
      Where there are no certain cognates to an acrophone, but the identity of its letter is secure, I shall reconstruct the translation in square brackets.

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