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a- +‎ dangle


adangle (not comparable)

  1. Dangling.
    The young boy sat on the bridge fishing, his legs adangle.
    • 1855, Robert Browning, “Fra Lippo Lippi” in Men and Women, London: Chapman and Hall, Volume 1, p. 37,[1]
      [] the slave that holds / John Baptist’s head a-dangle by the hair / With one hand [] and his weapon in the other, yet unwiped
    • 1902, Virna Sheard, A Maid of Many Moods, Toronto: Copp, Clark, Chapter , p. 76,[2]
      Keepers of the watch with lanterns trimmed for the night’s burning adangle from oaken poles braced across their shoulders.
    • 2001, Jamie O’Neill, At Swim, Two Boys, London: Scribner, Chapter 11, p. 325,[3]
      [] he presented an easy target for scoffing. His sword of rank adangle oddly, his puttees immaculately wound the wrong way round, was that a whistle he had hanging?