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  • (Castilian) IPA(key): /adabtaˈθjon/, [aðaβt̪aˈθjõn]
  • (Latin America) IPA(key): /adabtaˈsjon/, [aðaβt̪aˈsjõn]


adaptación f (plural adaptaciones)

  1. (uncountable) adaptation (the process of adapting something to a situation)
    Synonym: adecuación
  2. (countable) adaptation (a change made to suit a condition)
    Synonym: modificación
  3. (evolutionary theory, uncountable) adaptation (the process of change that an organism undergoes)
  4. (evolutionary theory, countable) adaptation (an instance of an organism undergoing change)
  5. (uncountable) adaptation (the process of adapting an artistic work)
  6. (countable) adaptation (an artistic work that has been adapted)

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