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addicting +‎ -ly


addictingly (comparative more addictingly, superlative most addictingly)

  1. In an addicting manner.
    • 1996, Kevin Dowd, Getting Connected: The Internet at 56K and Up, page 330:
      HTML markup is addictingly fun to experiment with, and straightforward to create
    • 2004 June 21, “'Nip/Tuck' is nifty slice of television”, in Sacramento Bee:
      As dreary as that sounds, as complex and ambiguous as the stories can be, "Nip/Tuck" is addictingly entertaining: brisk, clever and whimsical.
    • 2006 January 25, “Central American Cuisine Sizzles with Fresh Iingredients”, in Centre Daily Times, State College, PA:
      Lizano, a thick green herb sauce that is neither hot nor spicy, is an addictingly good condiment.

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