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adjudgment (countable and uncountable, plural adjudgments)

  1. The action of imposing judgment.
    • 1900, John Kline, Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, the Martyr Missionary:
      The life record of every man, written not with pen and ink on paper, but with the finger of God on the tablet of his memory, will be the basis of his adjudgment to hell or his acquittal to heaven.
    • 1811, William Marsden, The History of Sumatra:
      In the compartments of the shield of Achilles Homer describes the adjudgment of a fine for homicide.
    • 1912, Homer and Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica:
      His work included the adjudgment of the arms of Achilles to Odysseus, the madness of Aias, the bringing of Philoctetes from Lemnos and his cure, the coming to the war of Neoptolemus who slays Eurypylus, son of Telephus, the making of the wooden horse, the spying of Odysseus and his theft, along with Diomedes, of the Palladium: the analysis concludes with the admission of the wooden horse into Troy by the Trojans.